Side Hustle

  The Side Hustle: Couple poses for art students for a side hustle that bares all

“I feel like it helped me become more body positive,” Jane Durden said about her side hustle as a nude figure model. "I felt like it was a challenge to my bravery," said Joseph Winstead about the work.

  The Side Hustle: Wilmington man’s voice can be heard around the world

“I like the idea that I do different things every single day,” Mark Holcomb said.

  The Side Hustle: Dental hygienist spreads smiles with her natural artistic abilities and southern hospitality

Susanne Sanders makes sure her clients take home something beautiful and memorable from her painting parties.

  The Side Hustle: Nurse capitalizes on elderberry craze, makes tinctures for immune boost

The natural remedy is believed to boost the immune system and ease cold and flu symptoms. “This I feel is my gift because of my unique background," Allison Davis said of her healing side hustle.

  The Side Hustle: Nanny puts her best foot forward to make personalized shoes

A nanny with a love of crafting stepped forward with a side hustle for those who love shoes.

  The Side Hustle: Fisherman reels in customers with side hustle that helps make fishing easier

“I fished all my life and there were times I couldn’t go because of the hardship of getting to the ocean or getting to my fishing spot,” William Clardy said.