Published: Jun. 24, 2022 at 6:01 AM EDT

Innovative home builder teams up with revolutionary technology to reduce the threat of structure loss from wildfires

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Redhorse Constructors, a custom home builder specializing in green building and renewable energy, announced its partnership with leading wildfire mitigation company Frontline Wildfire Defense. This innovative partnership secures Redhorse's position as the leader in sustainable construction and sophisticated new construction technology.

Frontline Wildfire Defense
Frontline Wildfire Defense(PRNewswire)
The Frontline Wildfire Defense System integrates seamlessly into Redhorse's new construction.

"Our partnership with Frontline Wildfire Defense will provide our homeowners with the peace of mind that their property has the highest level of protection currently available to mitigate wildfires," said David Warner, Founder of Redhorse Constructors. "We have witnessed too much personal property devastation caused by wildfires and want to empower our homeowners with reliable technology to react to these unpredictable events quickly."

Redhorse uses a unique blend of modern design, innovative construction solutions, and top-of-the-line technology for every project. The company is recognized for its imaginative, innovative, and creative approach and work exceeding traditional construction's limitations. The partnership with Frontline Wildfire Defense reflects the company's recognition of the need to prioritize integrating natural disaster protections into cutting-edge homes while redefining industry standards for new construction in wildfire-prone areas.

"Redhorse is more than a construction company. They are the future of innovative and sustainable building. This partnership will help us further our mission to develop next-generation resilient homes," said Harry Statter, Founder of Frontline Wildfire Defense. "With the expanding threat of a year-round 'wildfire season,' we strive to help safeguard every home located in a high-risk area."

The Frontline Wildfire Defense System integrates seamlessly into Redhorse's new construction. The system is custom-designed to blend into the design of each home, respecting the architectural vision that defines a Redhorse project.

The Frontline system is a digitally connected external sprinkler solution that uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable Class A fire fighting foam to protect homes by creating an environment that is too wet to burn. Combined with the Frontline App (iOS, Android), the system allows homeowners to prepare, monitor, and defend their homes during a wildfire event. The app provides comprehensive wildfire safety information and tracking in near-real-time.

Frontline Wildfire Defense currently serves the communities most vulnerable to wildfire across California and is available for installations in the Bay Area, San Diego, Los Angeles, and the recently announced Tahoe Basin.

About Redhorse Constructors

At Redhorse the philosophy of green building and sustainable design has been intricately woven into their approach to building since their founding 31 years ago. From the selection of building and finish materials to the design and construction of the mechanical and energy systems, Redhorse can provide solutions that will help reduce the project's impact on the planet, increase energy efficiency, and provide a healthy environment that stands the test of time.

About Frontline Wildfire Defense

Founded by fire ecologist and technologist Harry Statter in 2017, Frontline Wildfire Defense is committed to protecting homes, families, and communities from wildfire disaster. The Frontline Wildfire Defense System empowers homeowners to prepare for wildfire, monitor fires near their home, and protect their home during a wildfire event with Frontline's exterior sprinkler solution. The Frontline Mobile App, available for free on iOS and Android, provides comprehensive wildfire safety information and immediate evacuation notifications. For more information about Frontline and its new mobile app, visit:

Frontline Wildfire Defense (PRNewsfoto/Frontline Wildfire Defense)
Frontline Wildfire Defense (PRNewsfoto/Frontline Wildfire Defense)(PRNewswire)

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