GenX Water Investigation

  CFPUA board approves contract for construction of GAC filters

A $35.9 million contract to build eight new granular activated carbon (GAC) filters at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant was approved by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority Board on Wednesday.

  Chemours to fund soil sampling in several counties

  NC compost rules are up for re-adoption, no mention of PFAS

Latest test results show spike in PFAS level in Cape Fear River

  Why alligators with orange heads are showing up around the Cape Fear region

  Two years later, where do we stand on GenX?

More filters targeting PFAS part of CFPUA’s 10-year capital improvement plan

Continued Coverage

State officials require towns to monitor emerging compounds in Cape Fear River Basin

  Town of Belville appeals judge’s decision on H2GO

Attorney issues statement on class action lawsuit against Chemours

  CFPUA welcomes newly introduced Gen X-related bill

Proposed Gen X-related bill would target Chemours, form task force

No PFAS found in drinking water at CFPUA plant but some detected in three wells

  Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen approve conditions of water agreement with CFPUA

The agreement calls for CFPUA to provide as much as 45 million gallons of water to the town each year to supplement its regular groundwater supply.

  Wrightsville Beach races to supplement water supply before summer rush after contaminated well shut down

One of Wrightsville Beach's most productive water wells has been shut down since January because of chemical contamination.

CFPUA staff gets OK to move forward with Sweeney Plant upgrades

The CFPUA board unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday that authorizes Executive Director Jim Flechtner to complete design and permitting for the project as well as obtain bond funding and construction bids.

  CFPUA’s application for $46M grant denied by state

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority wanted the money to pay for new granular activated carbon (GAC) filters meant to filter GenX and other PFAS compounds out of drinking water.

  Reverse osmosis filtering system working at NHC landfill

Permit issued for Chemours to install oxidizer aimed at reducing PFAS air emissions

CFPUA sees spike in 1,4-dioxane levels in water from Cape Fear River

Court approves order to stop PFAS from entering Cape Fear River

CFPUA praises Chemours’ requirements in revised consent order; will reconsider pending legal action

  Chemours agrees to analyze Cape Fear River sediment in updated legal agreement with DEQ, Cape Fear River Watch

  NCDEQ holds public hearing on Chemours in Bladen County

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality will hold a public meeting and hearing Monday on a draft air permit for Chemours to install and operate a thermal oxidizer/scrubber system for emission control at their Fayetteville Works Facility.

  New Hanover County to lead DEQ effort testing landfill water for PFAs

Research and investigations into how GenX and substances are getting into the Cape Fear River are ongoing, but while the focus has been on major industry, experts and officials are concerned the compounds could be entering the water system in other ways.

More than 15,000 households near Chemours facility to receive surveys on GenX, other PFAS

Participation in the survey is voluntary and completed surveys should be submitted by Feb. 15. All responses will remain anonymous.

  Brunswick Co. again asks the state for funding for planned RO plant

The scoring system for the State Revolving Fund prioritizes treating regulated chemicals. GenX and other PFAS are unregulated.

Deadline extended for comments on state’s proposed consent order with Chemours

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will address comments it has received at the close of the comment period.

CFPUA files motion to intervene in state’s lawsuit against Chemours

CFPUA said in a news release it believes a consent order proposed by the state Department of Environmental Quality is not adequate to protect CFPUA’s interests or remedy harm caused by Chemours' PFAS releases into the Cape Fear River.

  ‘Gaze on the faces of those you are hurting’: H2GO commissioners given packets with photos of schoolchildren

Pictures of area students used without their parents' permission came under fire Monday.

Brunswick Co. approves hiring firms needed to issue bond for reverse osmosis treatment

Brunswick County plans to increase water capacity by 12 million gallons per day and low-pressure reverse osmosis treatment to address new and emerging compounds is also expected to be added

  H2GO Commissioner concerned about ‘inflammatory’ Clean Cape Fear Facebook post

Politics got personal for one elected official in Brunswick County.

  Cape Fear River Watch, SELC explain Chemours consent order in public session: ‘This is a first step’

Kemp Burdette, riverkeeper with Cape Fear River Watch, joined Geoff Gisler, senior attorney with the SELC, to answer questions at Wednesday's session.

New Hanover commissioners likely to oppose NCDEQ consent order with Chemours

New Hanover County Commissioner Woody White is asking his fellow board members to join ranks and oppose the proposed consent order between the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Chemours and Cape Fear River Watch over the company’s discharge of GenX and other chemicals into the drin

  CFPUA submits formal comment on EPA draft toxicity assessment for GenX, other chemicals

While acknowledging it welcomes the Environmental Protection Agency releasing a study on GenX, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority said other PFAS compounds need to be considered to protect drinking water for customers in southeastern North Carolina.

  DEQ secretary on proposed Chemours consent order: ‘It’s a very strong first step’

North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Secretary Michael Regan said on Wednesday the state’s proposed consent order against Chemours is a “very strong first step” towards cleaning up and protecting the drinking water supply.

  Attorney says class action GenX lawsuit ‘a good step’

Dozens of concerned community members gathered at Cape Fear Community College on Tuesday to hear the latest on the state of their drinking water, and the GenX investigation.

DEQ says Chemours order enough to help Cape Fear region with GenX problem

The public comment period for the proposed order will be open until Dec. 21.

  New Hanover Co. wells tested for bacteria after flooding caused by Hurricane Florence

UNC Chapel Hill, NC State Extension, and Virginia Tech hosted a community meeting Tuesday to discuss water treatment options for private wells.

CFPUA director expects DEQ to add conditions in proposed consent order that would protect New Hanover water customers

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is still drafting a legal response to a proposed consent order concerning contaminated drinking water in our area, but plans to ask the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to require more protections for New Hanover County drinking water.

CFPUA responds to state’s agreement with Chemours over GenX in drinking water

The order requires Chemours to reduce GenX air emissions, provide permanent replacement drinking water supplies and pay a $12 million civil penalty to DEQ and an additional $1 million for investigative costs.

  CFPUA expects to reduce PFAS levels in drinking water by end of month

One day after the Environmental Protection Agency released its first-ever toxicity assessment of chemicals in our drinking water, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority said it is implementing a temporary solution to reduce PFAS levels at its Sweeney Water Treatment Facility.

  EPA releases first-ever toxicity assessments for GenX, related chemicals

The Environmental Protection Agency says long-term exposure to a compound used in nonstick coatings appears to be dangerous even in minute amounts.

Three new PFAS compounds discovered in treated water at CFPUA facility

In a CFPUA news release, the utility said the three new compounds were found in water samples collected from Nov. 11, 2017, through Spring 2018 at locations along the Cape Fear River and in parts of CFPUA’s water distribution system.

  ’I was livid all over again’: Blood tests in GenX Exposure Study come back positive for PFAS

On Tuesday night, researchers with the “GenX Exposure Study” revealed their findings that blood samples of 345 New Hanover County residents tested positive for several PFAS, but not GenX.

Researchers to hold public meeting about GenX blood test results in New Hanover Co.

Researchers with N.C. State University will present initial blood test results from GenX exposure in New Hanover County in a public meeting Tuesday, Nov. 13.

Rate of birth defects higher in some southeastern NC counties

From 2003-14, the DHHS analyzed four categories of birth defects in Bladen, Brunswick, Cumberland, New Hanover and Pender counties using data from the NC Birth Defects Monitoring Program.

CFPUA begins process to reduce PFAS levels in drinking water

In an effort to reduce levels of PFAS in drinking water, staff from Calgon Carbon are at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant this week replacing carbon filters.

  CFPUA: Your water bill will eventually go up $5 to cover facility filter upgrades

Jim Flechtner, CFPUA executive director, led the information session about PFAS and the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant.

CFPUA hosting series of meetings about GenX, contaminants

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority will have four meetings to discuss the next steps in addressing GenX and other PFAs

  Cleaning up its act: Chemours breaks ground on $100 million plant to reduce emissions

Chemours leaders broke ground on a $100 million plant they say will reduce emissions by 99 percent or more.

DHHS: GenX not detected in blood, urine samples from 30 Fayetteville residents

North Carolina health officials said GenX was not found in the blood and urine samples taken from 30 people living near Chemours’ Fayetteville Works facility.

CFPUA schedules four community forums to discuss GenX, water filtration systems

Each forum will include a presentation on CFPUA's effort to reduce PFAS in drinking water. The public is encouraged to attend the meetings and ask questions of CFPUA staff.

  CFPUA moves forward with designing new system to filter out GenX and other compounds

CFPUA took steps at its October meeting to move forward with filtering out GenX and other chemical compounds.

In letter to governor, New Hanover Co. rep asks: 'What does Chemours have to hide?'

A New Hanover County representative who is also the senior chairman of the House Committee on River Quality has sent a letter to Governor Roy Cooper expressing concern about the Chemours Company and GenX.

DEQ to host public info session on GenX

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality will hold a public information session on the state's GenX investigation on Thursday, Aug. 30.  The event will be held at the Bladen County Cooperative Extension Center at 450 Smith Circle in Elizabethtown.

EPA to host forum on GenX, other compounds in Fayetteville Tuesday

The Environmental Protection Agency will hold a community engagement event in Fayetteville on Tuesday, August 14, to discuss GenX and other chemical compounds found in local water.

  Saffo, White respond after Chemours declines public meeting

Chemours declined a public meeting and instead offered local leaders a tour of its Fayetteville Works plant, Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and New Hanover Co. Board Chairman Woody White said Monday.

CFPUA releases latest results from testing for GenX

GenX levels in finished water samples at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant increased to 33.3 parts per trillion on July 2, according to a Cape Fear Public Utility Authority news release.

  Local leaders send letter to Chemours; NHC commissioner Watkins 'sick and tired' of company's silence

Wilmington leaders have once again invited officials from the Chemours Company to join them for a discussion on chemicals in our drinking water.

Bladen County leaders double down in support for Chemours

Citing the company's importance to the local economy, Bladen County leaders have again voiced support for Chemours in emails sent to the NC Department of Environmental Quality.

  State says Chemours' filter systems offer is premature

State officials say Chemours was premature with its offer to install and maintain granular activated carbon filtration systems at homes around the company's Fayetteville Works Plant in Bladen County that have tainted well systems.  Michael Scott, the Director of the Division of Waste Management with the NCDEQ who wrote to residents regarding the company's offer, said Chemours acted before the state's study on the system is completed.

Chemours offers filters to owners of tainted water wells

State Department of Environmental Quality spokeswoman Bridget Munger said Chemours is acting without consulting the agency.

Health officials to test blood, urine of residents living near Chemours' Fayetteville Works site

Federal, state, and county officials will test the blood and urine of up to 30 residents living near Chemours' Fayetteville Works facility for the presence of GenX and 16 other per- and polyfuloroalkyl substances.

Southern Environmental Law Center files lawsuit calling for DEQ action on GenX

The Southern Environmental Law Center filed a lawsuit in New Hanover County Superior Court calling on the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to use its authority to require the Chemours Company to immediately stop all discharge of GenX and other chemically related compounds from its Fayetteville Works facility.

Chemours has new contact person for bottled water distribution

Residents in Bladen, Cumberland and Robeson counties have a new contact for bottled water issues related to GenX, an unregulated compound discharged into the Cape Fear River by the Chemours Company at its Fayetteville Works site.

Comment period on proposed court order against Chemours ends July 11

A 30-day public comment period for the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality's proposed order against Chemours will end on July 11.

CFPUA using $450K from NC bill to sample, test for contaminants

A bill that provides funding for water quality-related efforts includes $450,000 for the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority. In a news release, CFPUA said the money will be used for water sampling and testing of treatment technology to address PFAS and other contaminants in drinking water.

  GenX found in fish in lake near Chemours plant

GenX was found in fish in a lake less than a mile from the Chemours plant in Bladen County, according to a new study conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality.

CFPUA waiting on response from Dept. of Environmental Quality

Shortly after a new toxicological report on perfluorinated compounds was released last week by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority contacted two state agencies for additional information. One responded. The other hasn't.

  New toxicological profile revises minimum risk levels of compounds in water

CFPUA said it will contact the NC Department of Health and Human Services "for guidance on the new levels and their implications for drinking water."

  Chemours holds public meeting, but many residents call it a waste of time

The Chemours Company's first meeting with the public since the discovery of GenX in the Cape Fear River left many of those who showed up disappointed.

GenX costs near $2 million for CFPUA. Here's the breakdown.

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has spent nearly two million dollars in response to the revelation that the chemical GenX is present in the water system that serves thousands in our area. We're getting a better breakdown of how that money has been allocated.

DEQ files new proposed court order against Chemours

According to an NCDEQ news release, the order requires Chemours to implement numerous measures to eliminate or reduce air emissions and water impacts caused by GenX and related compounds.

  UNCW professor: 'Chemours should pay' for water filtration system

Dozens of community members gathered to ask a team of experts questions about the potential effects of GenX and what is being done to learn more about the chemical.

Judge rules CFPUA can test for compounds at Chemours’ Fayetteville Works site

A federal judge has ruled that Cape Fear Public Utility Authority be allowed to test for chemical compounds at The Chemours Company's Fayetteville Works site.

After long silence, Chemours touts plan to cut GenX emissions

Officials with the chemical firm that for decades released unregulated contaminants into the air and water near its Bladen County plant say they are committed to being good neighbors and responding to the concerns of nearby residents.

Chemours to hold 'community information session' in St. Pauls

The Chemours Company will hold a community information session in St. Pauls on June 12 "to share its comprehensive plan to address emissions control in the short and long-term at the Fayetteville Works facility."

Chemours says carbon adsorption units installed at plant to reduce GenX air emissions

Chemours has installed carbon adsorption units at its Fayetteville Works in an effort to reduce the emission of GenX in the air, the company announced Tuesday.

Latest Brunswick Co. results show lowest GenX levels since testing started

Recent test results of Brunswick County's water show the lowest levels of GenX since testing began.

EPA to establish toxicity level for GenX, other contaminants

The Environmental Protection Agency says it will establish toxicity levels for GenX and other chemicals in the water.