Consider This

  Bellamy Mansion losing $25,000 a month during COVID-19 shutdown

Bellamy Mansion Museum is using COVID-19 downtime to make much needed improvements. The pandemic is costing the museum roughly $25,000 in lost revenue

Box Tops for Education Program is going digital

The Box Tops for Education program is going digital with a new mobile app which will allow parents to scan their store receipt and earn money for their kiddo’s school!

  School receives lower than normal heath inspection score; officials say they’re fixing issues

The septic drain field filling with sewage was the biggest reason Malpass Corner Elementary School received a health inspection score of 81.5, according to a supervisor with the county’s heath department. The inspection was done on March 8.

Netflix: Don’t participate in the ‘Bird Box Challenge’

There's a new internet challenge that Netflix inspired but wants no part of.

  CONSIDER THIS: Citizens need to continue to push for more information on contaminants in our water

It seems many people in our region have become accustomed to living under the cloud of uncertainty about what exactly is in our drinking water.

Consider This: Civility in politics

Consider This: Just this week we’ve seen the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners come together to promote unity, despite a change from a Republican to a Democrat majority.

Consider This: ‘Tis the season of giving

If you have the means, the time, or even the talent to do something that makes a difference, I encourage you to find a way to contribute this holiday season. Even the smallest of kind gestures can go a long way in letting those in less fortunate situations know that this community cares.

  Consider this: Voter responsibility

I’m betting a disappointingly small percentage of people will vote next week. Many say they don’t feel their vote makes a difference. But Consider This: Only three years ago, our news team did a story on a local election that ended in a tie … a flipped coin decided the winner of that seat.

Consider This: A sense of community togetherness post Florence

But consider this: Even weeks after Florence devastated southeastern North Carolina, the stories about neighbors helping neighbors continue to roll in. We've been able to feature some of those folks in the news already. We're committed to sharing even more of those stories in the days and weeks to

  Guest Consider This: Educate yourself on the impacts of offshore drilling

As Chair of the Cape Fear Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, I am speaking in response to the recent story regarding a local surf shop owner, Hunter Ford, discussing what he says are benefits of offshore drilling exploration.

Consider this: Applaud the good leaders

But consider this: There are several good priests, teachers and coaches working daily to make a positive difference in our community. Let's make sure we applaud their efforts and that they do not suffer because of the horrible actions of a few bad apples.

  Consider This: Freedom of the press

By design, the media is often in an adversarial relationship with newsmakers. Our reporters often have to ask questions that may be uncomfortable for those in power to answer. But we're seeking the truth. And in that process, there are uneasy moments.

Consider This: 'Licensed to Pill' exposes aggressive opioid prescribers

This is a truly ground breaking investigative series that exposes some of the most aggressive prescribers of opioids in the country and uncovers their questionable methods of doling out pain pills.

  Consider This: Chemours efforts to reduce emissions of GenX, but what about damage done?

Consider This: It's been over a year since GenX was discovered in our water, but it's been discharged since 1980. While Chemours reportedly has since stopped the discharging of GenX into the Cape Fear River and plans to spend $100 million in upgrading its facility … a big question that remains is  … what about the damage done?

  Consider This: Look out for your neighbors

Consider This: You don't have to save someone's life, but looking out for your neighbor can be a simple act of making our community a nicer place to live.

  Consider This: Let's get federal aid in the hands of Hurricane Matthew victims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced last week that more money is on the way to North Carolina to recover from Hurricane Matthew. Nearly $17 million dollars. But that news doesn't necessarily mean the money will be spent right away.

UNCW featured in Fiske Guide for third straight year

Compiled by former New York Times education editor Edward B. Fiske, the Fiske Guide features more than 300 of the "best and most interesting" schools in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland.

  Consider this: Personnel laws prevent organizations from sharing information

The case against a former middle school teaching assistant still needs to work its way through the court system.  But what we're hearing so far concerns me as a parent with school-aged children.

  Guest Consider This: Learn statesmanship

How do I define vigilante justice?  Individuals or groups think they "see a crime" and carries out their idea of punishment!  Vigilante Justice is a direct assault on law and order.  Such thuggery has no place in our national discourse.

Consider this: Nursing turnover is a real concern

Consider this: Nursing turnover is a real concern in this country. Some reports show first-year turnover rates at nearly 20 percent.

  Consider This: Lobbying for solutions to a community issue

The purchase of part of Echo Farms in New Hanover County should stand as a great example of how citizens can lobby their government for solutions to a community issue.

  Consider This: HOPE Act is step in right direction to fight opioid epidemic

The HOPE act would help to give law enforcement additional tools and resources to help combat this epidemic.

  Consider This: #BroadcastGood

The National Association of Broadcasters is celebrating good works by broadcasters this week with a social media campaign called "#BroadcastGood."

  Consider this: Memorial Day to Labor Day is the most dangerous time on the road

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and as we enter the vacation season, we all know there will be more traffic on our roads. Consider This: Memorial Day to Labor Day is the most dangerous time on the road for all of us, but especially new teen drivers.

Consider this: Lottery only earmarks about 30 percent of its proceeds for education

Consider this: The "education" lottery only earmarks about 30 percent of its proceeds for education.

  Consider this: Giving second chances

More than a million and a half people have a criminal background in North Carolina. There are some people who are career criminals, but many others have made a mistake, paid the price and deserve a second chance.

  Consider This: Breaking the silence of depression and suicide

Beginning this week, during WECT News at 5 p.m., we're going to start a conversation about suicide.  It's something that typically doesn't get covered in news, but it appears that time is up.

My turn: Facebook makes changes to focus on daily interactions

Remember when Facebook was all about pictures of your children and what you had for lunch? Now the social media site has morphed into a major player in the world of public opinion.

My turn: holidays, snow days and paid time off

I was a bit surprised to learn last week that the policy the UNC System follows when a campus is closed dictates that non-mandatory employees must use vacation time to cover for being kept away from the job.

Guest My Turn: 'First in trash'

Roadside trash is everywhere along that route. It has gotten so bad that North Carolina's motto may soon become "First in Flight and First in Trash."

My turn: The NCAA Division I football playoff system is flawed

What the University of Central Florida football team did on New Year's Day revives for me an argument I made in 2014 regarding the then-new NCAA Division I football playoff system.

My turn: Teaching drivers how to handle traffic stops

January introduces a new year and that almost always brings with it the start of some new laws.  And while I have historically used this forum as a place to point out some of our more off the wall legislators or ideas, today I'm going to give the General Assembly a thumbs up.

Guest your turn: Two bears at Tregembo Animal Park relocated

Just a few days prior to Christmas, two bears were taken from our local zoo, Tregembo Animal Park, to be relocated to a facility in Colorado.  This was the result of a settlement reached between Tregembo Animal Park's owners and the plaintiffs in a costly lawsuit supported by PETA.

My turn: Thinking outside of the box with a barbershop health clinic

If you've ever worked with a business consultant, you've probably heard the term "thinking outside of the box." It's been around for a while, so it's pretty much a cliché.  But sometimes we see great examples of people solving age-old problems in new ways.  And our news team highlighted a perfect case of that this week.

My turn: Bullying seems to be worse than ever

It must be difficult to be a child nowadays. Bullying seems to be worse than ever thanks to the numerous ways we can communicate.

My turn: Future of H2GO water system is up in the air

What a mess we have on our hands in northern Brunswick County with the future of the H2GO water system up in the air.  As someone who has had the privilege of raising children, I can tell you it doesn't matter who started it. The time has come to fix it.

My turn: shining light on abuse and harassment

We are currently in the midst of what I believe is a culturally significant event… shining light on abuse and harassment of vulnerable members of our society in all walks of life.

My turn: Finding ways to be thankful during difficult times

"In all things give thanks."  That's what it says in the Bible.  There are times when that may be difficult.  But if you really think about it, you may just be able to pull it off.  Here are a few examples.

My turn: Discussing change to policy after some attacks but not others

I'm having trouble understanding how it's okay to cry for changes to existing policy during some terrorist attacks but not for others.

My turn: Giving Tru Colors Brewing a chance

It's easy to dismiss the concept of Tru Colors Brewing without much thought.  But you'd be doing a disservice to what seems like a worthwhile effort to me.

Your turn: Corporate income tax truth

I had a 40-year career in real estate appraisal … which means that I understand basic economics theory well.  I am also an independent voter with a long-time distaste for both national political parties.  Why?  Because career politicians are masters of the "game" of smoke and mirrors.