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  State DOJ still investigating NHC school sex scandals

The investigation is ongoing...we are working towards a resolution, and when we have one it will be announced publicly and with transparency

  Who owns Freeman Park? - Part 3

The town claims ownership to the first 1,000 feet of property at the park which allows it to control the access point

  Ownership of Freeman Park in Carolina Beach is up for debate

Freeman Park is embroiled in lawsuits because it is a public park on private property

  WECT INSIDER: Ashlea Kosikowski discuss release of body camera video

WECT's Ashlea Kosikowski and Brandon Wissbaum discuss the release of body camera video related to a police lieutenant’s child being found naked and alone.

  WECT Insider: Medicaid Expansion and ER Visits

  WECT INSIDER: Slaughterhouse union officials used funds for personal use

Emily Featherston and Brandon Wissbaum discuss two union officers' use of union assets for personal use.

  WECT INSIDER: Hearing set in disputed Columbus County sheriff race

Emily Featherston, Ann McAdams and Brandon Wissbaum discuss the latest in the disputed Columbus County sheriff race.

  DEEP DIVE: Jon Evans and Emily Featherston discuss the NC09 election fraud hearing

WECT's Emily Featherston reflects on the four-day hearing and the NC State Board of Elections' call for a new election in the Ninth Congressional District race.

  DEEP DIVE: White Oak Dike neglected for decades