Pender County man wins world championship powerlifting event

Demond Jordan traveled to Coventry, England, for the United States Powerlifting Association World Championships.
Published: Nov. 5, 2023 at 8:06 PM EST
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BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) - Desmond Jordan traveled to Coventry, England, for the United States Powerlifting Association World Championships, and deadlifted over 800 pounds to take first place.

Jordan is from Pender County. He currently holds 17 state records, four national, and recently a world record.

Jordan competed in the USPA Drug Tested World Championship, which was held October 14-22. During competition, he competed in the squat, bench and deadlift.

Jordan says that he has always been passionate about athletics, however, his situation changed after a car accident left him with very limited mobility in his arm.

“Powerlifting is a fun sport. It is something that I got into because of a tragic accident, and has been something that’s helped me battle depression and rebuild my life.”

Jordan competed in national events leading up to his big win. Although he placed in competitions, he had yet to take home first place.

“I went into Nationals this year with the plan 2023 was going to be my year, I wasn’t going to lose anymore.”

But the journey towards success has been anything but simple. After the car accident, doctors said he would need to adjust to a new way of life.

Jordan said he wanted to prove doctors wrong and inspire his community.

“The biggest thing at that point that was pushing me was to prove him wrong. I’ve always been one of them. People, if you tell me it’s impossible, if you tell me I can’t, then I’m going to show you, I’m going to kill you with success. So the biggest goal at that point was to prove him wrong.”

After his accident Jordan opened House of Gains, a workout facility where he trains and helps other athletes in the area.

“There’s no shortcut to hard work. Like it’s nothing that I’m going to show up and give half effort and become the best at. So the number one thing that had to happen every day was the willingness to work hard the willingness to practice.”

He also formed a team called the “Hog Squad” that travels across the world, winning the team award at the USPA national championships.

“This is not something you’re gonna walk in here and be a part time person like we’re full time. So we got a crew like this can’t be done. As far as my numbers that I’ve been able to achieve. Without the team around me. They’re here with me every day we grind every day.”

Squatting over 700, and benching nearly 450 pounds, his goal is to inspire others in Pender County. He said many people in the community have allowed him to get to where is today. However, there are still a few more goals on his bucket list.

“So my next goal is to be in the Olympics, and participate in the Olympics, be a kid from Pender County that a lot of people wrote off. A lot of people supported. But to show the kids like we’re just as strong as anybody else in the world.

He said he plans to continue to pay it froward and do what he can to help other kids in the area achieve their goals.

“To people in general but to the kids, if there’s something that you want to do, it doesn’t matter what it is, it doesn’t have to be a sport. If it’s going to college, if it’s opening up your own business, whatever it may be. If you can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself it’s what you want to do. No man or No woman can stop you from doing it.”