Local organization works to build beds for children in need

Many children across the country do not have a bed to sleep in every night, and that’s why volunteers came together to build 55 beds for kids in need.
Published: Sep. 9, 2023 at 8:07 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Many children across the country do not have a bed to sleep in every night, and that’s why local volunteers came together to build over 50 beds for kids in need.

The Wilmington Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace is working to change children’s lives one bed at a time. On Saturday, SHP held its “Bunks Across America” event at the Lowe’s Home Improvement in Wilmington.

Volunteers were able to build 55 beds in one day.

Tommy Underwood is the SHP chapter president here in Wilmington. He said a church mission trip and a podcast inspired him to bring SHP to the area.

“It was as if God tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘You didn’t want to sleep on a cot for a week. How about these children that have never had a bed to sleep in?’ And I just don’t know any way to deny that I just responded,” said Underwood.

He started the Wilmington chapter in February, since then the group has managed to distribute 80 beds.

“What we’re finding a lot of times a lot of times we’ll go into a home. And it’d be a single mom and three kids sleeping on a pullout sofa bed. There’ll be sleeping on the floor, or in a car. You don’t think about that in Wilmington, but there’s that much just need locally,” said Underwood.

$5,000 in materials have been donated by Lowe’s along with other goods from local stores. The finished beds will be set up and delivered free of charge. Currently, the Wilmington chapter of SHP has a waitlist with over 100 kids in need.

“That one smile from that child when they climb into their first bed. A lot of the kids we’ve delivered beds to have never slept on a bed of their own. We’ve delivered to 13-14 year old’s that have never had a bed of their own. And the smiles and the hugs you get from those children, they’re real. There’s no no show going on there,” said Underwood.

A smile makes it all worth it for volunteers like Davie Waggett. He said it feels good to be apart of something that is bigger than himself.

“You get to be part of the bed delivery team and see the whole picture full circle. It’s inspiring. And we all have a heart for helping those who need help. And so that’s kind of why we do this,” said Waggett.

For other volunteers, like Nicole Bianchi, just knowing that she’s helping kids in need is enough.

“It just makes me feel really good. You know, with all the crazy stuff going on right now. It’s really nice to be able to do something that’s for your home. That’s for people that you see,” said Bianchi.

If your child is in need of a bed, a link to the application can be found here.