Travelers at ILM aiport prepare for possible flight changes due to Idalia

Travelers at ILM Airport prepare for possible flight changes due to Idalia
Published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 8:12 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Tropical storm Idalia has many travelers hoping to hit air before things on the ground get out of hand.

People coming in and out of the airport on Wednesday said they were a bit nervous about flying through such a severe storm but they trusted the officials in charge.

“I had some anxiety, got to be honest about that. I didn’t know what were coming into never been through a tropical storm before,” said Danny Phelan.

Phelan is from Illinois and he said flying through tropical storm Idalia is a bit nerve wreaking. However, for other travelers the main concern is taking off on time.

“You know, I’m taking my son back to college, we’re gonna go up to Boston and get out of this whole thing. And then I’m coming back after it blows over on Friday,” David Hill.

With mixed emotions hundreds of people like Phelan and Hill, are hoping for the best when traveling through the impacts of Idalia.

" You know, I feel pretty safe. This is not our first rodeo. I trust the airlines and I trust the community to make sure that everybody has what they need to stay safe. And so I’m feeling pretty good about it right now,” said Hill.

Granseur Dick, deputy airport director for operations and facilities at ILM said airport staff are prepared for whatever the storm may bring.

“The airport is going to remain safe and its facilities are going to stay in operation. We’re here to support the airlines as long as they are flying. And we’re also going to be here to make sure everything is safe,” said Dick.

With extra meetings between the FAA, TSA and the National Weather Service. Dick said things are as safe as possible.

“If airlines cancel or delay we will still be here. We will still be manning the terminal making sure that we’re ready for airlines as soon as they resume flights and that there’s no further delay that’s at the cause of this storm or the airport,” said Dick.

Many people who were flying into Wilmington on Wednesday have had to cancel or change their plans because of the weather.

One traveler said they came into Wilmington for a college tour. They later found out that tour was canceled when their flight landed.

Weather aside, many people said they are still looking forward to spending time in Wilmington come rain or shine.