New barrier tape spreads awareness about sea turtle nests in North Topsail Beach

Barrier tape used to help identify sea turtle nests in North Topsail
Published: Aug. 9, 2023 at 6:44 PM EDT
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NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - New barrier tape is being used in North Topsail Beach to identify sea turtle nests.

The tape is meant to capture the attention of beachgoers and to make sure they keep their distance from the nests. Keith Dorman, founder and managing director of ‘Love Thy Turtle,’ invented the tape and says it’s important to share the beach with the turtles.

“The sea turtles were here before we were. They have first dibs in my opinion,” Dorman said. “For over a million years, they’ve been nesting on this beach and the plastics have really been a problem, and other environmental factors, so to help protect the nests is vital.”

Dorman says plastic won’t be a problem with the new tape. It’s made of cloth and is reusable, making it safer for the turtles.

“The turtle tape is a more attractive color to help draw attention. It’s more descriptive than regular barrier tape. It says ‘caution sea turtle nest’ so people know exactly what it is.”

Beachgoers can scan a QR code on the tape to learn more about turtles, including a map that shows which species of sea turtles nest on a particular beach. The code also shows nearby rehabilitation centers where people can donate and ‘adopt’ a turtle.

Dorman says the tape is free and available for any beach community that wants it.

“To have it in use, and to be able to share it with everybody is just phenomenal,” Dorman said.