New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue announces new changes

The New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue recently announced that they will no longer take in surrendered animals.
Published: Jul. 30, 2023 at 9:29 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington recently announced that they will no longer take in surrendered animals.

Jennie Hoyt is the president and founder of the rescue. She said the rescue fell on hard times in 2019 when the main vet used to spay and neuter the rabbits retired. The veterinarian was able to preform surgery on the rabbits for only $10, now the rescue pays much more.

“People think that we’re shutting our doors, we’re not necessarily shutting our doors, but we have had to cut back our operations for financial reasons. Because we have had a lot of things that have happened since COVID hit that has impacted our rescue exponentially to the point where we can’t really afford to take in rabbits,” said Hoyte.

The president of the rescue also said they do not receive donations and are often overlooked when compared to other animals like cats and dogs. Hoyt says vet bills and other medical cost add up.

The rescue will now only be accepting rabbits that come from shelters. She says people across the United States often reach out to the rabbit rescue in Wilmington, hoping to rehome their animal. The cost of taking care of a rabbit and prepping them for adoption is more than the shelter can handle.

When it comes to animal care in general, Hoyt wants people to think about all that goes into properly caring for a pet.

“I want people to think of the future when they think of getting an animal just don’t think right here right now. Think of in the future. What if what happens if I lose my job? What happens if I have a baby? You know, people need to be thinking ahead and planning for the future before they get any animal.”

The rescue will continue to accept financial donations in order to continue putting rescued animals up for adoption.