Grilling, propane safety tips from local fire department

Grilling, propane safety tips from local fire department
Published: May. 25, 2023 at 10:50 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Memorial Day weekend is when many families first fire up the grill for the summer season.

Wendy Giannini-King is the community risk reduction coordinator for the Wilmington Fire Department, and offers a few pieces of advice to keep safety first.

“Keep your grill out from under eaves and overhangs. And don’t let those flames flare up too big, keep it in control, watch your drinking, pay attention to what you’re doing and keep the kids and the pets away from an outside grill.”

If the forecasted bad weather keeps you inside, Wendy says do not put your grill in your garage or any enclosed space.

“Not only will you and your pets be breathing harmful chemicals and you know things coming off that grill. But it’s a fire hazard too.”

Most importantly, make sure you hook up the propane tank to your grill properly to avoid a leak and potential hazard.

“Just make sure that you’re looking over them to make sure there’s not anything loose or super rusty. And as you’re hooking up the lines of the propane tank to the grill, you can use a simple solution of just some dish soap and some water and squirt it on that line and see if anything bubbles. Just a little line leak test is what I’d recommend,” Giannini-King said.

If your tank is older, it’s best to head to the store and replace it just to be on the safe side.

Anytime you’re getting a new propane tank from the store, don’t leave it filled in a hot car for any period of time because the tanks are pressurized.

“Please remember that first responders come to you when you’re in danger. But it reduces the risk all the way around if you behave safely, then they don’t have to travel quickly through the streets and the tourists and the visitors and the chaos of the holiday weekend as well,” Giannini-King said.