Local farms preparing crops as potentially freezing temperatures move in

Local farms preparing crops as potentially freezing temperatures move in
Published: Mar. 14, 2023 at 6:54 PM EDT
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LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - As cold temperatures move into the Wilmington area, local farms are working to protect their crops from damage.

The growing season in the region started early after several warm days throughout February. Despite that, farmers at Shelton Herb Farm in Leland said colder weather isn’t unusual for early March, and they were prepared.

“While it is a big disappointment after those days in the 80s, it’s very in line with averages and what we normally see so it’s not necessarily anything to worry about,” farm manager Alex Modly said.

The staff spent the day Tuesday moving potted plants underneath the tables they normally sit on outside. Farm manager Modly said warmth coming from the ground should sustain the plants throughout the next few days.

Modly did say many customers came through the last few weeks to get an early start on their garden. She’s been warning them to wait on planting anything until closer to mid-April because there’s still a good chance for colder temperatures until then.

We’ve had more of our tomato and pepper sales a little earlier, but every one of those has gone home with the advice that it’s still February, early March, we can get frost up until mid-April at the latest so keep them inside or in a greenhouse or be ready to protect them,” Modly said.

She said anyone who has already planted their garden can protect those plants throughout the potentially freezing temperatures by covering them with pillowcases.