Get Fit with 6: December challenge

Four exercises with resistance tubes
Get Fit with 6 December challenge uses resistance tubes to work your core, shoulders, quads and biceps
Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 3:47 AM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - For the December challenge we’re going to use resistance tubes for four exercises. We will work your core, shoulders, quads, and biceps. The tubes come in different tensions: heavy, which is the toughest, medium, and light, which is the easiest. You can start off light and work your way up to heavy over the course of the month as you get stronger.

Lunge Position Curl Pulse

- in a standing position put the tube under one foot

- put the other leg behind you

- bring your arms up higher than your chest

- lunge down and curl as the same time

- make sure you keep your elbows up, do not go all the way down with your curl

- alternate legs

Overhead Shoulder Press

- in a standing position put the tube under your foot behind you

- you should be in a slight lunge position

- take you palms up, facing forward

- lift your hands up over your head, come down to the top of your shoulders and repeat

Leg 6 Inches Pullover

- sitting on the floor out the tubes around the bottom of both feet

- lay and lift your feet 6 inches off the ground

- with your palms facing down, pull the handles back over your head

- keep your legs off the ground at all times

- if you can keep your head off the ground for a good core workout

On Floor Leg Press

- lay on the ground put the tube under the bottom of one foot

- raise both feet 6 inches off the ground

- pull the handles next to your ears

- take leg with the tube under your foot and bring your knee to your chest

- push out thru the heel of the foot with the tube around it

- alternate legs

Get Fit with 6: December challenge
Get Fit with 6: December challenge(Source: Back to Basics Personal Training)