nCino expands headquarters with new 90,000-square-foot modern building

nCino now has four buildings in Mayfaire with a total of 240,000 square feet of space
nCino expands headquarters with new 90,000-square-foot modern building
Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 5:33 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - It’s one of the most successful financial technology companies in the world and it’s headquartered in Wilmington. On Thursday, Nov. 17, nCino opened the doors to its newest building on the campus in Mayfaire.

The design includes a modern style, a coastal vibe, and plenty of spaces for employees to meet and mingle.

“You’ll see lots of spaces with phones booths where two people can collaborate,” said Pierre Naude, CEO of nCino. “I believe in a modern economy and a modern company. collaboration and communication is key. It’s really about our family as a company and how we get together and build the best software in the world.”

There are now four buildings on the Mayfaire campus. Combined, there’s 240,000 square feet of space that includes what nCino calls a stairatorium for large meetings--even a jam space for employee concerts.

While there are plenty of areas for employees to eat lunch, there is no in-house restaurant and Naude says that’s by design.

“I’ve always had the philosophy that nCino should be part of the local economy and the businesses around us,” Naude said. “And for me to build a restaurant and then take that business away from the restaurants around us, I don’t think its the purpose of us. We are good at building software. I believe my employees have many tastes and choices and every time at lunchtime they can bring their lunch. They can go sit in the cafe -- get a small sandwich -- or they can walk outside and support the local businesses.”

Naude did bring one local business inside. There’s a Bitty and Beau’s coffee shop inside one of the nCino buildings. It’s Naude’s favorite part of the sprawling campus.

“You know my favorite part is Bitty and Beau’s. If you ask me of anything that I am the proudest of, it’s that whole coffee shop concept with Bitty and Beau’s here. That reminds you every day how privileged we are and how fortunate we are to have this around us and these opportunities, it’s just fantastic to me.”

nCino has come a long way since it was founded in 2011. In 2021, the company reported a revenue of $274 million. Naude says locating the headquarters in Wilmington was a smart move. He says the company continues to grow every day.

“You look over the past ten years from five people in 2012 to now over 1,000 in Wilmington and 1,800 worldwide, its been a resounding success. And I think this is proving you can start a company anywhere as long as you’ve got a clear vision, a fantastic culture and you start with the right values in people.”

Naude says he’s proud of the Wilmington headquarters but believes it’s a combination of a really nice, upscale work environment and dedicated employees that makes nCino the powerhouse company that it is.

“You know if you look at the building, to me its a physical space. But it reflects our culture. It reflects the people. But it also reflects the investment we are willing to make in our people and how we actually treasure their contribution because they are building the software. They come up with the ideas. And I just love the energy in the building and I think this whole environment is reflecting that energy,” he said.

As for the Mayfaire location, there’s only so much more room to grow. But Naude says no matter what, they are here to stay.

“We’ll always expand in Wilmington. We’ll see what the future holds,” he said with a smile.