“I think everybody knew it was coming”: Panthers fans react to Matt Rhule firing as head coach

Fans tell WBTV something was needed to turn the team around and they believe this was the first step to get the panthers on the right track.
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Published: Oct. 10, 2022 at 7:05 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Carolina Panthers fans are reacting to the news of Matt Rhule’s firing Monday morning by the organization. The reactions come after starting the season rough and only winning 11 out of 38 games with the team since he started as coach.

Fans tell WBTV something was needed to turn the team around and they believe this was the first step to get the Panthers on the right track.

Josh Carpenter, a Panthers fan said, “I think everybody knew it was coming.”

Sarah Meiklejohn added, “we left yesterday, and I said I’m going to be surprised if Matt Rhule still has a job tomorrow.”

The Carolina Panthers letting go of Matt Rhule did not catch the fanbase by surprise.

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Meiklejohn said, “I mean it’s the easiest change to make when you’re struggling is to point a finger at the head coach and I really liked Matt Rhule when he came in, I was really excited.”

Dustin Mckelvey added, “he had a great college career, but coming to the Panthers, I think we’ve won 11 games with him in the past three years, so I think it was time for a change.”

Fans tell WBTV the energy in the stadium for Sunday’s game was deflated, a reflection of only winning one game so far this season.

“Nobody was super excited even when we did score, like you’ll feel that energy kind of ramp up for a second then it came right back down and I feel like part of that is the Panthers are having a tough season so far,” said Meiklejohn.

Although morale was low among fans, some have different opinions about the timeline of Rhule’s firing.

McKelvey said, “I wish that we maybe could have waited it out until the end of the season, because I feel like right now, we’re just up in the air, and just firing a coach midseason, it doesn’t help us any further in the year.”

Carpenter added, “I think it was a good choice, maybe a little late not for the team, but maybe for the fans; it should have happened last year.

Fans feel this could be the rebirth of the team.

Carpenter said, “That’s what we hope for; that’s what every Panthers fan is hoping for.”

McKelvey added, “No matter what happens, I’m always going to be a Panthers fan, ride or die, so keep pounding.”

Fans are hopeful interim head coach Steve Wilks will be able to get a few wins in before the end of the season. Most importantly, fans want to feel energized again when going to games at Bank of America Stadium.

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