‘Traffic is crazy, seems to be getting worse:’ NCDOT steps in to alleviate traffic in Scotts Hill

‘Traffic is crazy, seems to be getting worse:’ NCDOT steps in to alleviate traffic in Scotts Hill
Published: May. 31, 2022 at 10:32 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Southeastern North Carolina is home to some of the fastest growing counties in the state, and along with growth comes traffic issues on the roadways.

NCDOT has proposed plans hoping to alleviate some of that traffic in the Scotts Hill area. Thousands of new homes are being built in the area, bringing nearly 52,000 new vehicles to travel on U.S. 17.

“Traffic is crazy, seems to be getting worse, week to week, month to month because there’s so much more traffic on the road,” said Porch & Nest Owner Lori Strother.

Strother’s business is on the side of U.S. 17., and she says cars go so fast by her business it causes her to lose customers.

“People are going so fast that sometimes people or cars are afraid to slow down and pull in our parking lot,” she said. “Because there’s two lanes on their bumpers, they do go quite fast.”

NCDOT’s proposed project would move the left turning lanes and U-turns near Sidbury Rd. and portions of Scotts Hill Loop Road to hopefully alleviate traffic. Another option they’re considering, dual turning lanes.

“We’re experiencing delay that we can’t really fix with just timing,” NCDOT Traffic Engineer Jessi Leonard says. “And we began to see several developments or multiple developments being proposed that would affect this corridor.”

You can’t stop growth, but business owners say that they want to see changes before the roads get worse.

“It just seems like there’s an awful lot going on in this particular section and this stretch of 17,” Strother said. “There are a lot of accidents on this highway.”

This project hasn’t been finalized. NCDOT is in the process of securing the funding needed for the project, which will be around $1.6 million dollars.

Once they have more of the plans completed to show neighbors, they’ll hold a public hearing for people in that area.

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