Jack Carr is giving fans two new ways to enjoy James Reece’s adventures

Bestselling author has new book and upcoming Prime Video series
NYT bestselling author Jack Carr releases new book
Updated: May. 20, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Fans of New York Times bestselling author Jack Carr have two new opportunities to enjoy the adventures of James Reece. Carr’s fifth thriller novel featuring the former Navy Seal sniper, In the Blood, is now available. Coming soon to Amazon Prime Video is The Terminal List, a television series based on Carr’s debut novel, with Chris Pratt of Guardians of the Galaxy fame starring in the role of James Reece.

“So there’s a couple loose ends that were left in the last few novels,” Carr says about the story for In the Blood, where Reece embarks on a hunt for another sniper. “I always want to finish each chapter in a way that makes the reader want to turn the page and keep them up all night. Then, when I get to the end of the book, I want to have enough resolution where the reader feels like they put in this time, they’ve trusted me with that time, they’ve had an amazing story, maybe they’ve learned something along the way, the characters evolved a little bit as well, and then they get to the end, there’s just that little bit that lets them want to get that next book when it’s coming out and look forward to the next year. So, that’s happened in the last couple of novels, and it was time for some resolution. So, I call this one a ‘sniper-centric novel of violent resolution’.

The Terminal List, Carr’s first novel that published in 2018, comes to life on-screen July 1, 2022, dropping as an eight-part series with Pratt, Carr and director Antoine Fuqua as executive producers.

“I’ve been involved with every aspect of this thing, which is good and bad,” he says. “Good in that I’ve had my hands in it and been involved with this whole thing because it’s my creation. But bad in that I can’t say ‘Oh, Hollywood ruined it’, if no one likes it. Usually they like to get rid of the author right away. But they brought me in, Chris and Antoine wanted me involved. So, it’s been an incredible process, and I just could not be more thrilled with how it’s turned out.”

While there will be changes from Carr’s original novel in the television adaptation, to tell the story in a more visual medium, the author said he wanted the series to be as authentic as possible to his experiences as a Navy Seal sniper and military commander.

“We made it as real as we possibly could,” Carr said before listing many of the experts involved in the technical side of the production. “We had (Navy) Seals on set every day, Army Ranger Max Adams, a producer/second-unit director/writer, was there every day as well. My friend Ray Mendoza of War Office Productions, he was there working with the actors on weapons manipulations, tactics and camera angles as well for those tactics to show them in a way that makes sense so people in law enforcement and military circles don’t just hit that pause button and throw up their hands and say ‘Ugh this is crazy! Why does that Glock have a click when there’s no safety on the thing!’ That sort of thing. So we were very careful about all of that because authenticity is so important to the books, so important to the fans of the books, and that needed to transfer over.”

Carr is already busy working on the sixth book in the James Reece series. If he follows his past timeline, it should arrive in Spring 2023.

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