Whiskey could soon be used to fuel cars, scientists say

The byproduct of whisky could soon be used to fuel cars.
The byproduct of whisky could soon be used to fuel cars.(CNN)
Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 12:43 PM EDT
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(CNN) – A biofuel scientist has discovered a way to use the byproducts of whiskey to fuel your car.

According to Zero Waste Scotland, there is a huge amount of waste for every liter of whiskey.

The solid byproduct of whiskey is called draff.

Some is used for animal feed. Some goes to a landfill or is dumped in rivers or even the ocean.

A scientist used a fermentation process to transform the byproduct into biochemicals to replace some oil-based products, including diesel used in cars.

Biofuels are made from renewable, organic materials and are low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels.

The challenge would be the scale; biofuels only account for about 3% of fuel used globally.

There are actually already whiskey-fueled cars in Scotland. Using the whiskey byproduct reduces the trucks’ carbon emissions by 90%.

The scientist who made the discovery says whiskey waste can be used for more than just biofuels.

It can be an alternative to oil in plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing and electronics.

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