Missing dog from Alabama found in Pender County

When Chris slipped out of his leash and took off running, Stacey Staton Elam was devastated.
Published: Apr. 12, 2022 at 5:12 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - When Chris slipped out of his leash and took off running, Stacey Staton Elam was devastated. Her beloved pup is named after her late husband and she was heartbroken without him. Elam put up signs and searched for days but had no luck.

Weeks went by and then a phone call from a microchip company. Stacey’s beloved dog Chris showed up at the Pender County Animal Shelter. “On a Friday this cute little poodle type dog came into the shelter. And of course per state law we have to scan every animal for a microchip and as a municipal shelter we get very excited when dogs come back with microchips,” said Jewell Horton, Director, Pender County Animal Shelter.

The real shock came when they realized Chris lived close to 500 miles away in Hayden, Alabama. A new concern, Stacey had no way of getting to Pender County. But the shelter cam up with a plan. “I was like you know what, we’re a small shelter but we’re mighty. We have 27 thousand followers on Facebook. I said if you give me permission to put your story out there, I can just about promise you that our followers will give you a miracle,” said Horton.

Hundred of people responded to the post offering help. A groomer gave Chris a bath and hair cut. While several people were willing to offer a partial ride, Holly Stahl jumped in to take on the mission. “I can’t imagine that feeling not knowing where one of my dogs is and there are so many people that go through that every day. It breaks my heart,” said Holly Stahl, good samaritan.

Stahl drove the nine hour drive and saw the reunion for herself. “The look he gave her was like where have you been woman and then he snuggled right up into her neck and I knew, I knew, it was awesome,” said Stahl.

Stacey and Chris reunited
Stacey and Chris reunited(Source: Holly Stahl)

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