Trillium Health opens new mental health facility in partnership with Project Transition

A new facility in Wilmington could make a real difference for people struggling with mental health and addiction
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 4:29 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Studies show that since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more people have dealt with mental health issues. But, the amount of treatment options hasn’t grown at the same pace as the problem.

However, a new facility in Wilmington could make a real difference for people struggling with mental health and addiction.

Trillium Health partnered with Project Transition to open the new facility on Doctor’s Circle, and leaders there say this is more of a long-term solution for people seeking help.

Project Transition started on a foundation of treating people that have constantly been in and out of inpatient services and simply haven’t been satisfied with their treatment.

Anyone age 18-65 can seek treatment here — most of them coming here after not getting the results they needed from hospital visits or rehab.

The facility will serve up to 30 people at once who have serious mental health or substance use disorders.

What makes the program unique is that people not only receive rehabilitation and recovery help, but also learn things like medication management and various day-to-day skills; however, that’s not all the facility will provide.

“We also have a residential component. Members live in apartments that we lease and they receive programming from a multidisciplinary team here in the recovery center,” said Project Transition president/CEO Luke Crabtree.

A large number of people have already expressed interest in the program. Referrals are being accepted now and the facility will officially begin services later this month.

This new facility is more hands-on than others, and it’s not a quick turn around either.

“It’s very person centered, it’s very individualized. Based on patterns over time, for a person to do well in our program they have about a 12-18 month length of stay and work on a number of skills and opportunities for advancement in the community,” Crabtree said. “We’re working with society’s most vulnerable members and we get to do it with a team that we want to do it with, and we get to do it in a community that we want to be in, so we’re just very grateful.”

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