UPDATE from NHC Schools: Students subject to ACT test mishap can submit test or take it again

One test that helps students get into college ended up being more of a challenge than what many...
One test that helps students get into college ended up being more of a challenge than what many students had planned for.(WECT)
Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 3:32 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover County Schools notified Laney High School families Friday that students who were subject to an undisclosed testing mishap have the option to submit this week’s test for scoring, it take the test again.

The options were laid out in a letter to parents:

Juniors that were absent on Tuesday, March 1st, will make up the ACT Online on Wednesday, March 9th. There will be additional support from the NHCS Testing Department and the NHCS Technology Department on campus that day. Students will be sent an email to their school email address, with information regarding their testing location and other specifics.

Any Laney junior that was present and took the ACT on Tuesday, March 1st will have a choice of having their test submitted for scoring or taking the test again using a paper and pencil version.

If a student created their myACT account within the two-day window after testing on Tuesday, and selected colleges to report scores to, then those scores will be reported at no cost to the student. However, if you did not complete this action within the timeframe please see below.

Any student that wants scores sent to colleges will need to complete the task of setting up their myACT account, and if they would like to have scores sent to colleges, they will have to follow ACT’s procedures for reporting scores and pay whatever fees ACT requires.

Students that did not complete the ACT on March 1st that do not wish to retake the ACT, may choose not to take it again. However, your test will be scored as is.

A Google Form will be emailed to juniors by Monday so they may select an option. ALL JUNIORS need to respond one way or another.

Please discuss these options with your student, and remind them to complete the Google Form no later than 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9th.

Tests marked as mis-administration

On Tuesday, a test that helps students get into college ended up being more of a challenge than planned for many students.

Some juniors at Laney High School were having trouble logging in to take the ACT test while others kept experiencing glitches.

It was initially thought to be a statewide issue, but New Hanover County Schools said that only one percent of students across the state reported those problems — a vast majority of those students were at Laney.

After five hours of trying to get through the test, students said they were told it wouldn’t be graded. Instead, it would be marked as a mis-administration and everyone would have to retake it on March 15.

Unfortunately, even students who finished the test and thought they did well will have to retake it.

“I was kind of in shock,” said Emily Street, a junior who did finish her ACT. “Taking the ACT is not just some small little thing. It was a lot of time and the fact that I have to retake it is kind of upsetting.”

“A lot of us were really mad,” said Kaleigh Ayscue, who also finished her test. “I know a lot of people left after that point because we tested for over five hours before they said anything at all. So a lot of people were really upset, including me.”

The rescheduled exam is good news for those who didn’t get a chance to finish. Still, taking an additional exam than planned adds a lot of stress to the teenagers’ workload.

“I signed up to take the SAT on the 12th so now I have to take the ACT twice and the SAT all within two weeks,” said Street. “[It] is kind of a lot because I hadn’t planned to have to take the ACT twice. Now, I’m a little overwhelmed.”

Despite the added stress and heightened level of frustration, many students are trying to look at this as an opportunity to study more and get an even better score than they would have yesterday since they now know what to expect.

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