BHI Conservancy’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser raises money for Sea Turtle Protection Program

How about this for a unique Valentine’s Day gift: naming a sea turtle after your loved one.
Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 8:47 AM EST
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BALD HEAD ISLAND, N.C. (WECT) - How about this for a unique Valentine’s Day gift: naming a sea turtle after your loved one.

The Bald Head Island Conservancy has an ‘Adopt-A- Hatchling’ fundraiser that could make the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day if you are short on ideas. Not only is it a gift that lets a loved one know you care, but it can help sea turtles at the same time.

So how does it work? You adopt a hatchling for someone special and the Conservancy will in turn give you a plush turtle decorated with a heart for donating, along with an info. card and photo of a hatchling.

You also get an email once your hatchling goes to the ocean.

The Conservancy’s Director of Development said it makes a great gift for people of all ages, especially kids.

“It’s a great educational program for children especially. They can learn about sea turtle tips. We send off some information with them and then when these hatchlings go off to sea you’ll actually get an email, so you know on the day that your hatchling went off to sea,” Blackmon said.

The fundraiser supports the group’s Sea Turtle Protection Program, which works to ensure sea turtles continue to thrive on the island.

“Last year we had 93 nests that laid on Bald Head Island and 100% of those nests were adopted, so that’s just such a great way to support our efforts on Bald Head Island and our Sea Turtle Protection Program,” Blackmon said. “We also had 7,433 hatchlings that went off to sea, so that was a valiant effort on the part of our Sea Turtle Protection Team to make sure that these sea turtles were safely — that they were able to safely go out to sea last summer.”

You can adopt a hatchling, or you can adopt a whole nest, a mother turtle, or a legacy turtle. Legacy sea turtles are the moms who repeatedly nest on Bald Head Island beaches.

To find out more you can click on this link.

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