Triple murder suspect, wearing hospital gown and handcuffed to gurney, appears before judge

The man charged for killing his own mother, sister and child this weekend had his first appearance Thursday afternoon
Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 5:59 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The man charged with killing his own mother, sister and child this weekend had his first court appearance Thursday afternoon.

Wilbert Lamont Robinson faces three murder charges for allegedly firing rounds into the car the family was in at Landfall Shopping Center on Saturday.

Around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, an ambulance dropped Robinson off at the front of the courthouse and a crowd of law enforcement agents stood guard as EMS workers rolled his gurney through the public elevator into the courtroom.

Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo met Robinson’s gurney as the elevator doors opened, advising him it was best to stay silent.

No recording of any kind was allowed in the courtroom. The mugshot posted on his booking entry Wednesday night was several years old. Thursday afternoon Robinson’s neck was sharply turned to the right and propped up on pillows. He was still wearing his hospital gown, and he was handcuffed to the gurney.

Robinson was treated for a self inflicted gunshot wound this weekend, and was discharged from the hospital Thursday afternoon, just minutes before the ambulance took him to court where the three murder warrants were served to him.

In the moments before the hearing, the courtroom was so quiet the only sound you could hear was the humming of the lights. Approximately a dozen deputies were in the courtroom, but there were no family members physically in attendance.

The murder suspect was alert as Judge J Corpening spoke to him. Robinson answered the judge’s yes or no questions about being able to hear, and understand the charges levied against him.

He’s being held on no bond, and based on the charges against him, Robinson could face the death penalty. The entire appearance wrapped up just three minutes after it began.

Rather than being sent to the local jail when it all wrapped up, the ambulance transferred him to central prison in Raleigh where they will be able to better care for his injuries.

Little is known about what prompted this horrific shooting. WPD, the DAs office, the public defenders office and the judge have all declined to talk about the case or this afternoon’s appearance.

Robinson’s next court date is scheduled for February 3.

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