After facing uncertainty, things starting to look up for resident of former recovery home

Community steps up to help residents of Tree of Life recovery home
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 4:35 PM EST
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Facing the reality of becoming homeless, things were not looking good for Kevin Allen, a former resident of Tree of Life, a recovery facility off Carolina Beach Road. The owner of the building decided to shut the facility to make some significant repairs to the building — repairs that were much needed.

But for people like Allen, finding a new how was a challenge and the threat of having to sleep in the elements was very real. Fortunately, after reaching out to community resources, Allen managed to find the help he needed — and then some. He reached out to LINC, a nonprofit organization that helps people who were incarcerated.

“They helped me get into a place, which is here —the church — for 90 days,” said Allen. “They pay for it for 90 days and the deal is I just save up my money.”

With a roof over his head, Allen had his most basic needs met but still had other concerns — like a $700 repair bill for his car. Without a working vehicle, he had been walking to and from work, but his mechanic decided to help him out.

“He said he can’t see me walking in the cold. How could I pay him if I can’t get to work? So he told me to pay $50 a week, he’ll help me out, pay $50 a week, gave me my keys and sent me down the road,” Allen said.

With a roof over his head and a car to get to and from work, Allen is looking forward to getting his accounts out of the negative and getting ahead in life. He’s planning on going to school in the summer but for now, he is focusing on saving money and working hard, all while remembering to put his sobriety first.

“It’s hard to get clean when you’re worried about where you’re next meal is at, when you’re worried about your next bath, when you’re worried about where you’re going to lay your head at — you can’t focus on being clean,” he said.

Allen still has challenges to face — the things he had left behind at his former home are nowhere to be found, but he’s keeping his faith, and hoping to start school in August.

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