Kindergartener and second grader dropped off at wrong bus stop

A few minutes later Lewis got a text message from her oldest daughter letting her know they were at their soon-to-be new home
Published: Dec. 16, 2021 at 6:26 PM EST
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SUPPLY, N.C. (WECT) -A kindergarten student and second grader at Supply Elementary School were dropped off at the wrong bus stop on Monday.

Tabatha Lewis, the mother of the two girls, said she started to panic when it was about 10 minutes past the time that her girls are normally dropped off, but she didn’t even see the bus that day.

A few minutes later Lewis got a text message from her oldest daughter letting her know they were at their soon-to-be new home.

Lewis said the family is moving into a house on Jerrys Trail off of Old Ocean Highway in the next few weeks, and that was the road that the girls were dropped off at. She immediately left the house they currently live in, which is a few miles away from Jerrys Trail. Lewis added that the girls had to cross Old Ocean Highway, a busy road, in order to get to Jerrys Trail.

She then called the school to figure out why her daughters were not dropped off at home, but she didn’t get much of an explanation.

“They said it won’t happen again. They can reassure me it won’t happen again,” Lewis said that’s what heard from the school. “I can’t trust them getting on a school bus. I have to make sure that I’m at school every single day at 3:30 to go through the car rider line and make sure that they get in the vehicle with me. I definitely couldn’t have them ride a bus ever again.”

Brunswick County Schools released a statement after the incident happened:

“Proper protocol/procedure for school bus ridership is for a student to only be dropped off at their assigned location. If there is a question about an assigned drop off location, the driver would need to communicate with BCS Transportation for assistance before the student is allowed to leave the bus. In this situation, that communication did not happen. An internal investigation is currently underway and once completed, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

It is unclear whether the bus driver is still driving while the investigation is taking place.

“It’s just horrifying. I keep having all these thoughts and these visions of things that could happen, could’ve taken place,” Lewis said.

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