Restraining order filed for Whiteville apartment complex

Law enforcement cracks down on troubled neighborhood, gets restraining order
Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 7:23 PM EDT
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WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - Sandy Ridge Apartments in Whiteville have been plagued by gun violence for years now.

After the most recent shooting at Sandy Ridge, District Attorney Jon David said it was time to take action.

On Friday, David filed a restraining order preventing anyone from moving into a vacant apartment at Sandy Ridge and also allows law enforcement to remove anyone on the property who is not a resident at Sandy Ridge.

Both the District Attorney’s Office and the owner of Sandy Ridge are supposed to appear in court in Columbus County on Friday, Nov. 5 to discuss this temporary restraining order.

David released the following statement:

Earlier today, by consent of both parties, Judge Hardin has continued the matter until December 1. By operation of law, the original terms of the temporary restraining order will remain in place until a hearing is held or subsequent order from the court is issued. I want to emphasize that our legal action is against the property.

Whiteville Police Chief Doug Ipock hopes that there is change soon for the sake of the neighborhood’s safety.

“We’ve been working towards a solution, but nothing really materialized as what we anticipated,” said Ipock. “I know there were a few things that had kind of gotten started, but since this most recent incident, nothing has happened. And before that incident, the things that we thought were going to happen didn’t materialize, and part of that was just due to the fact that they couldn’t get people to do the job. For example, couldn’t get people there to install the security systems and things like that that needed to be done.”

After months of hoping to see action from the property owners, Ipock said this was a necessary action to protect the residents at Sandy Ridge.

“I certainly hate the fact that it’s gotten down to the point where we’ve had to have legal processes to get someone to work with us to help solve the crime problem in the neighborhood. There’s great people that live out there, there’s good citizens out there that don’t deserve this type of activity to be taking place in their neighborhood,” Ipock said. “It’s trying to work with the different entities to try and come to a resolution to, you know, increase the safety and security out in that neighborhood. We’ve been working with the owners now for months trying to get something resolved and it doesn’t seem like it’s happening, so this was the next step in that process I’m trying to get them to to work towards that solution.”

The District Attorney’s Office will continue assisting residents to make their home a safer place.

“The residents deserve to live in a habitable and safe environment and they will have the assistance of my office in keeping unwanted predators away from their homes,” David said.

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