10-year-old girl excited as she nears her COVID-19 vaccine date

10-year-old Cari Aasen has a lot on her to-do list, including getting her COVID-19 vaccine
Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 6:16 PM EDT
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LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - Child-sized doses for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine have already gone into little arms, but not yet for those in the Cape Fear.

Some area clinics are waiting on the state DHHS for the final go-ahead to start giving those doses. New Hanover County’s Department of Health and Human Services says some parents showed up to its clinic today hoping to leave with a vaccinated child. That couldn’t happen because even though clinics have the supplies and pediatric doses on hand, they need clearance from Raleigh.

“It is our hope that we will be able to start tomorrow at our mall site,” said assistant health director Carla Turner. “That’s where we’re going to get our Pfizer pediatric doses, so we’re waiting on the standing order from the State of North Carolina DHHS. We expect that by close of business today. Once that’s received, we can go on.”

Despite the wait, Catherine Bright and her daughter Kari Aasen say they’re ready as soon as they get the call. The family enjoys traveling together, but COVID-19 has prevented them from getting on a plane to do so. As a result, it’s been about a year since they’ve visited family in Norway, but the family hopes to change that soon.

“Our pharmacy already has them in stock,” said Bright. “As soon as we get the call, we’re going to pick her up from school and take her over there.”

“I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt as bad as the school flu shot they gave me,” said Aasen. “I’m hoping for the best and I’m excited because I can actually do stuff and not be worried.”

Aasen says the pandemic has made her nervous about her health. Despite masks not being required at Belville Elementary School, she chooses to wear one anyways. With a vaccine, Aasen says both she and her family will feel better about staying safe.

“As a parent, you just want to protect your child,” said Bright. “This vaccine is such a huge part of protecting her against COVID.”

Even though Aasen does have some nerves about getting a shot, she says the benefits far outweigh the risks.

“It’ll take a few seconds and then the pain is over,” said Aasen. “You might feel a little weird for a week or so, but then everything’s gone and you’re pretty much safer than most people out there.”

Not all of the ten-year-old’s classmates feel the same way about getting the shot, but she’s a leader and hopes to set a good example by showing them there’s nothing to worry about.

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