New ‘No Turn on Red’ sign has many frustrated

New No Turn on Red sign at the intersection of Olde Waterford Way and U.S. 17.
New No Turn on Red sign at the intersection of Olde Waterford Way and U.S. 17.(WECT)
Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 7:20 PM EDT
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LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - The Department of Transportation recently looked at crash history for the intersection of Olde Waterford Way and U.S. 17.

“Our threshold for installing No Turn on Red or consideration of No Turn on Red is if you have three or more crashes per year that could be helped by installing or if it’s expected to help with installing No Turn on Red,” Stoney Mathis, DOT Division 3 Traffic Engineer said.

The DOT recently put a No Turn on Red sign up at the intersection of Westgate Drive and U.S. 17, too.

“For Westgate we had an average just right at 3, I think it was like 2.8 or 2.9 crashes per year at Westgate, so round up to 3, so that met that threshold,” Mathis said. “And at Olde Waterford, there were actually 5 crashes per year that is expected the No Turn on Red can help with that.”

More drivers have been complaining about the backup on Olde Waterford Way, and the DOT is working through those complaints.

“We’ve been getting some reports of concerns about the backups because of the No Turn on Red people aren’t able to go as much and so forth. We did go out and review the timing yesterday and we made a timing adjustment at Olde Waterford that should give more time to get out,” Mathis said.

A more permanent solution to the two-lane backups here might be in the works in the next year or so as part of a resurfacing project on this stretch of U.S. 17. “Planning to put in a triple right egress, triple lanes coming out of Olde Waterford. There’s enough pavement there to do that, it used to be triple rights years ago,” Mathis said.

The DOT looked at other intersections along this stretch of U.S. 17, but crash history didn’t call for any other No Turn on Red signs.

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