NHC Board of Education approves pay increases for substitute teachers

Published: Oct. 19, 2021 at 10:19 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - After people tried to storm the New Hanover County Board of Education building earlier in October, the Board of Education conducted business without interruptions at a meeting Tuesday evening.

Facing a major shortage of substitute teachers in New Hanover County, school leaders decided tonight to increase their pay; soon, they’ll be the highest paid in the region.

Substitute teachers will not only receive a major pay raise, they will also receive stipends for covering other classes.

A major substitute teaching shortage was reported at the last school board meeting and teachers pleaded with the school board to bump up their pay.

Substitute teacher pay increase, stipends for those covering classes approved for all schools...
Substitute teacher pay increase, stipends for those covering classes approved for all schools in New Hanover County.(WECT)

“We’re exhausted, we’re tired. Help us.” said Christine Hollane, a math teacher at Ashley High School.

Right now, licensed substitutes make around $100 a day to fill in when a teacher is out. Unlicensed substitutes make around $80 per day. With this new pay raise, licensed substitutes will make around $135 per day, and unlicensed around $100 per day.

Board members said they hope this fills the gap.

“I certainly hope it brings more people out and at least gives people something to think about, knowing that you can help your community, and do something for yourself as well,” said board member Nelson Beaulieu. “Pay for your next vacation, when travel opens up. So, you know, help yourself, help your neighbor, help your kids.”

Those raises will go into effect in about a month.

The Board of Education also touched on requiring fingerprints for all staff and volunteers of New Hanover County Schools for extra safety measures. They will continue their research on the machine and process and continue the conversation at future meetings.

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