Trevor Donovan is following “USS Christmas” with two new holiday-themed movies in 2021

Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 4:30 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Trevor Donovan’s 2020 movie USS Christmas was one of the first productions to shoot in Wilmington under protocols instituted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Donovan is starring in two new Christmas-themed movies this season.

Nantucket Noel premieres November 19 on The Hallmark Channel, and Jingle Bell Princess premieres December 4 on a new network called GAC Family Channel.

“Two fun ones, two great scripts,” Donovan said of this year’s holiday films. “I’m a dad in both of them, so I have a daughter in each movie, which is kind of fun. I’m excited for everybody to see them.

Donovan shot both of the movies in Canada, which carried some difficulty because of pandemic-related protocols of crossing the border and securing work permits. But he said the roles in each film are interesting.

“I play a real estate developer (in Nantucket Noel), and I work with my dad,” he said. “We go back to this fishing wharf that my dad and my mom used to love going to. It was kind of like their spot. When we go there, we see it’s kind of falling apart and sinking into the ocean. So, the plan is not only to remodel but pretty much tear down and rebuild the wharf. But there are some shops there, and one in particular, a little toy store that this woman owns, she does not want it knocked down because it was her mom’s. She has this memory attached to it. Surprise, surprise, the woman owns the toy shop and I may or may not fall in love with the woman.

GAC Family Channel was formerly known as Great American Country channel, and is led by Bill Abbott, the former CEO of Hallmark. The network plans to run family friendly movies and shows. Jingle Bell Princess is one of the first offerings for the Christmas season.

“It is about a princess from Eastern Europe who get stranded in my (character’s) hometown,” the actor says about Jingle Bell Princess. “Her private jet leaves without her, unbeknownst to them. She ends up in my house. My mom went to the airport and invited her to stay with us until her flight comes back and picks her up. We butt heads a little bit. I’m a contractor with a daughter, and my daughter really falls for her. We don’t know she’s a princess yet, we just think she’s a wealthy woman. I’m remodeling my house in memory of my wife who is no longer with us. (Princess) Amelia helps out, takes my daughter horseback riding, and ends up falling in love with the simple life of a small town before her father and her plane come back to pick her up.”

GAC Family is also joining Donovan to expand his anti-bullying efforts, with plans to reach out to young adults in communities where the network productions are based. Donovan has previously visited schools to speak with middle and high school students about how to deal with being bullied, and this support will allow him to expand the messaging.

“The idea is to visit schools and host anti-bullying assemblies,” he says. “We’re even sort of incorporating scripted skits, with possible scenarios about being bullied in school and ways to handle it and deal with it. In addition to that, the idea is to also to involve these kids, if possible, in the movie-making process. If I’m in a town and there’s a local middle or high school, invite the kids to the set, or invite kids to a premiere of one of my movies that we shot in their town, while also getting them involved in the anti-bullying assemblies as well.”

Donovan’s fans may not know he has also published several books featuring stories told through the eyes of his dogs. The third installment in his Love Always series released in July, called Chance the Courageous. It followed Dogbert & Tito (2018) and Dogbert’s Journey (2020) with morally inspiring stories for readers of all ages.

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