A retired U.S. Army Major General says the plan to pull out of Afghanistan was a big mistake

US Army Major General David Grange (Ret) responds to attack in Afghanistan
Published: Aug. 27, 2021 at 7:45 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - After recent events in Afghanistan, US Army Major General David Grange (Ret), who served with the 101st airborne—and was later assigned to the Delta Force, says the United States gave the enemy too much notice.

“It was coming,” said Grange. “It was too easy of a target—not that our soldiers and marines did anything wrong—it’s just that we’re on a perimeter, very vulnerable and we know their tactics. It was due to happen to some extent.”

After the military air base there was shut down, the Taliban took over and grounded any hopes of a safe evacuation.

“If we would have had both airports, we could have put the perimeter out further and it would have been actually safer,” said Grange. “Some say, ‘well if you go out there then you are mixing it up with the possible enemy forces.’ But a defense that’s not in depth—what they say a depth—is a dangerous setup to begin with. So, if you ask what went wrong? That’s what went wrong right there.”

Grange also believes setting an August 31st date was a major mistake.

“You always make a conditioned base,” said Grange. “You never put a date on it. What you do is you give the enemy a timeline to set conditions to their benefit and that’s what we did and we should never have done that. A rapid withdrawal like that without notice to all these people is a big mistake.”

Grange, a staunch republican—married to former state representative Holly Grange—says the blame does not fall on President Biden alone.

“So to begin with, there should never have been a deal made between the United States and the Taliban. What we did, we bargained with an insurgence force, and they are not even a sovereign nation; they are a group of people. So, I was personally against that under President Trump. And then the next mistake that was made was by President Biden, by doing such a rapid withdrawal—those things take forever. Think about all the citizens and those who helped the Americans as well inside of Kabul. To get that many people out in an orderly fashion, in a short timeline, endangers everybody, so that was a massive mistake.”

He maintains the plan to pull out of Afghanistan was a big mistake and says President Biden needs to ditch the August 31st deadline to withdraw troops and start negotiations over with the Taliban.

In the meantime, Grange hopes the President lives up to his promise to ISIS-K and anyone connected to the deadly attack—that they will be hunted down.

“They should be looking up at the sky wondering when something is going to strike them,” said Grange. “They should look around the corners. They should not be able to sleep at night. That’s what these people understand—our enemies that are terrorist groups. They don’t understand civility. They don’t have the same attitude we have day to day. They look at things totally differently. And what they look at and respect, regrettably, is power, is fear. That’s how they live. So, I just hope the President lives up to what he said—that we’ll hunt them down. They need to be hunted down and killed.”

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