WECT EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Ed McMahon shares thoughts on TRU Colors following double homicide arrests

"It's not going to work unless we get you out of the gang." Sheriff McMahon questions mission of TRU Colors
Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 8:03 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The recent arrests of three validated gang members charged in a double homicide has reset the spotlight on a Wilmington business. TRU Colors Brewing Company employs active gang members in an effort to reduce gun violence through economic opportunity.

“I’ve always not understood the principle of ‘I want you to stay in a gang,’” Sheriff Ed McMahon says.” I’ve never spoken on it publicly.”

In an exclusive interview with WECT, Sheriff McMahon questioned the mission of TRU Colors Brewing saying the goal should be to get people out of gangs.

“I’ve never met with anyone from TRU Colors on it,” McMahon says. “They never asked me my opinion on it, so I didn’t give it. But I can say 100% right now that my opinion is that it’s not going to work unless we get you out of the gang. Again, Sheriff Ed McMahon’s opinion,” he said.

McMahon confirmed that the three men arrested and charged with killing Koredreese Tyson, a validated gang member, were all members of a rival gang.

Tyson, who once worked for TRU Colors, was living at the home of George Taylor, III, Chief Operating Officer for the brewery. Briyanna Williams was also killed inside the home on Providence Rd.

Dyrell Green, Omonte Bell, and Raquel Adams, are each charged in the homicides. It is not known if any of the men were ever employed by TRU Colors.

McMahon says its good to have them off the streets.

“They are ruthless vicious criminals who do not need to be in our — in any community,” McMahon said. “They need to be in jail and in prison from the type of behavior — when you take somebody’s life. They’re that ruthless and vicious — just bad people.”

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