Brunswick County urges leaders to explore more funding options for bridge replacement

Leland town council members voice residents’ concerns about proposed toll bridge
Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 5:30 PM EDT
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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - The unsolicited proposal to replace the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge with a toll bridge might be dead, but the conversation continues.

At tonight’s meeting, the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution asking the WMPO to do just that. In that resolution, it asks the organization if the bridge replacement is still a priority and urges them to look into any federal or state funding options available. The resolution also asks that county staff and state lawmakers also look into funding options for the bridge’s eventual replacement.

Just weeks ago, commissioners said they were on board with at least exploring the idea of a toll bridge. Some noted that there may not be another option when it comes to paying for a new bridge, and time is ticking.

“Even if the toll bridge had moved forward, we needed to examine other options,” said Commissioner Frank Williams. “Now, that’s even more important after that failed. The bridge has got a life span. It’s got a shelf life that’s coming to an end and the absence of new funding we’re not currently aware of, it’s probably 30 years out from being able to be replaced. We’ve got to find some other options.”

Williams was supportive of at least considering the plan, but now hopes the WMPO will actively look for more funding options if the bridge replacement is still a priority.

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