‘Outer Banks’ creator talks about season 2 and possible new show he wants to bring to NC

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 12:06 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Season two of the popular series, Outer Banks, starts streaming on Friday.

The series became a hit for Netflix during the pandemic. The creator and the cast said the stakes are high to deliver with the highly-anticipated second season.

“We’re pretty much picking up right where we left off,” said Jonas Pate, the Wilmington-based creator of the show. “The story has a lot of momentum. If you saw the first season, where we ended it, we pick up the story right there and we really never take her foot off the gas the whole season. So, we’re excited to share it.”

The series follows four best friends on treasure hunt.

While it is based in North Carolina, the show was filmed in South Carolina due to fallout from the now repealed House Bill 2.

Pate, who is originally from Raeford, hopes to deliver with season two and with the next project he’s working on with his brother, Josh, and their writing partner, Shannon Burke.

“We are working on another series that is in development for Netflix,” Pate said. “It’s another young adult series. We’re super excited about it. It is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains so another North Carolina show and our fingers are crossed. Hopefully in the next couple months, we will have some information on if and when it’s going to get picked up.”

If picked up, he hopes to film this show in North Carolina.

“To say yes would be the biggest understatement of all time,” said Pate. “All we want to do is shoot in North Carolina. Luckily, we can now do that. Netflix has two series shooting right now. So, they’re fully invested in the state and we totally anticipate if the show goes we’re going to shoot it here.”

The film industry as a whole is also fully invested in the state.

Pate serves on the Governor’s Advisory Council on Film, Television and Digital Streaming.

“It really is a banner year,” he said. “I think we will probably go over $500 million spent in the state this year which is an incredible number and it really shows no sign of slowing. Our State Sen. Michael Lee has done a great job at fighting for more money for the rebate which is really what we need if you want productions to come here because they go to other states otherwise. Everyone is really pumped for it and I think the next step for us is to build more infrastructure. We have Screen Gems which has been an incredible studio in the state for many years but it’s full. They have to turn people away. So, it’s time for us to grow in the state.”

Film industry experts in the state expect this to be the best year on record in terms of spending by productions in the state.

To date in 2021, the film industry created 20-thousand job opportunities and 72 projects completed “intent to film” forms with the state.

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