Masked up kids head back to class at year-round school

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 12:48 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - It might be vacation time for many families out there, but for kids in year-round school, today was the first day back from their quick summer break.

At 7:15 sharp, kids trickled into the halls of Codington Elementary School to find their new teachers. Expecting a normal year of school this time, kids look forward to what lies ahead.

“[I’m excited] to make new friends,” said first-grade student Oliver Abrams.”

Keeping with a change made late last school year, parents in the drop-off line now line up along Fairview Drive behind the school instead of the busy road out front.

“We would be on Carolina Beach Road and it would be very dangerous for us to stay out there,” said Mary Ann Ables, the mother of third- and fourth-grade students. “This is so much easier.”

It’s all in the name of safety, which is also why Codington Elementary is sticking with the three W’s they learned during the pandemic.

“We’re going to wear our masks, we’re going to wash our hands and we’re going to do some great wait time between each other so we can all have a safe and healthy school year,” said fourth-grade teacher Stacy Baysden.

Because kids 12 years old and under aren’t eligible for the vaccine, masks are required for students and staff.

“The parent should have a choice whether their children should be able to be masked or not,” said Ables. “We can walk into Walmart without a mask. They should be able to walk into school without a mask.”

Still, kids are happy to be in classrooms and learn about their favorite subject, whether that’s math, history or science.

“It’s hard to see the smiles behind the masks, we know that they are there,” said Baysden. “Students are excited to be back for face-to-face instruction this year and we are just looking forward to seeing them and working with them this school year.”

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