NHC School Board to cover range of items in regular July meeting

Advocacy group holds press conference ahead of meeting
Love Our Children group calls to end out-of-school suspensions
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 4:42 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The New Hanover County Board of Education meets for its regular July board meeting Tuesday night.

There are several items of note on the agenda that could draw interest from different groups across the community.

Under new business, there are several policies up for first reading. One that has caught the attention of parents in the county is Policy 5120. This policy addresses the district’s relationship with law enforcement. A line has been added to the section regarding criminal investigations.

Some people have concerns with the changes that were discussed at a policy meeting last month, which would grant officers permission to question students or take them into custody without parents being notified.

Representatives of the NHC Educational Justice group and the lowercase leaders have indicated they will be in attendance as they have expressed opposition to this updated policy.

Tonight, the board will discuss the North Carolina Social Studies Standards, but specifics on what will be discussed have not been attached to the agenda. The N.C. State Board of Education recently approved new social studies standards. Some of the updated standards focus on teaching public school students about racism, xenophobia, nativism, extremism, and marginalized groups.

Another concern has been raised by the NHC GOP who posted on social media reminding its followers of the scheduled board of education meeting. One post states that “A more recent concern has emerged.” It adds that Social Emotional Learning, or SEL, “is also being taught in NHC schools. ALL parents and citizens should be deeply concerned.”

There is also an agenda item to address the renaming of the Laney High School stadium. In April, the school board voted to rename the stadium. Originally, the stadium was named after Dr. Rick Holliday, a former principal at Laney who retired as the school system’s deputy superintendent in 2019. The school board decided to begin a 60-day renaming process immediately.

There will also be a press conference prior to the meeting at 4:30 p.m. organized by Love Our Children, calling for the end of out-of-school suspensions for students ages four to seven. While it’s not on the official agenda for Tuesday’s board of education meeting, Love Our Children is hopeful a motion could be made to include this issue on the agenda.

The regular board meeting is underway at the NHC Board of Education Center.

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