Brunswick County teenager battling cancer receives lifelong wish

Published: Jul. 11, 2021 at 6:59 PM EDT
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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Michelle Gardner moved her family to Brunswick County in January of 2020. The next month, her teenage son Mikel was diagnosed with bone cancer.

“We haven’t been out,” said Gardner. “We haven’t made any friends. He went to school for one week since we lived here. He was diagnosed in February, February 18, and we only lived here a month, and then back and forth to Duke University Hospital for treatment.”

That’s when Brian Kirby stepped into the picture, a man who works with equipment for hospice. With his frequent trips to the house, he befriended Mikel.

“I came in here and he just broke my heart,” said Kirby. “And I just sit down there and talk to him like he’s a regular person.”

Kirby found out it was Mikel’s dream to see a Lamborghini in person, so he went to social media and made it happen.

A Lamborghini sat right in front of Mikel’s window on Sunday. Dustin Ankrom, the owner of the vehicle was happy to fulfill his wish.

A red Lamborghini was placed by Mikel Dijak's window
A red Lamborghini was placed by Mikel Dijak's window(Dru Loman)

“It could be my son sitting there, it could be anybody’s kid sitting there,” said Ankrom. “If I can help some kid’s dream come true, it’s my pleasure.”

For Mikel’s mother, the outpour of love from everyone involved means the world.

“For everyone to come together, like this is unbelievable that people that don’t even know us, don’t even know my son, will come together for him and come out here to give my son his final wish,” said Gardner.

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