Heavy rains cause flooding issues across southeastern North Carolina

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 9:48 PM EDT
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SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA, N.C. (WECT) - Heavy rain across the Cape Fear this week has caused flooding in streets, rivers, and backyards.

Along Castle Hayne Road Friday morning, cars could be seen stuck in deep flood waters, unable to get out on their own.

“I came in at one o’clock today. Everybody called me, when I got here today the state police, the sheriff were here and they cornered off the area over there at Hardee’s because somebody had just gotten pulled out of a ditch over there,” said Michael Crowell, store manager at Fresh Foods IGA in Castle Hayne.

The front entrances to the food store were covered in water, Crowell says he saw at least six cars that had to be pulled out from the lot Friday alone.

This flooding issue, Crowell says, is nothing new.

“Every time it rains hard we end up getting a flood situation,” said Crowell. “It comes up into the parking lot and every time we always have cars miss the turn offs because they’re not signaled that well and they end up getting pulled out.”

Crowell says the rain and flooding has a significant impact on Fresh Food IGA’s business, which was already struggling due to staffing shortages caused, in part, by the pandemic. He says his usual business today was cut in half due to the flood making it harder for customers to get to the store.

WECT reached out to the NCDOT about when officials plan to address the flooding issues along Castle Hayne Road and we are still waiting for a response.

Homeowners near the Echo Farms neighborhood in Wilmington watched as their small backyards flooded this week as water from a nearby construction site, where new homes are set to be developed, flowed in.

“The construction — they are moving dirt and they move the dirt in such a manner as to create a huge, kind of like a retention pond right behind our house,” said Larry Ferrell, a resident whose backyard has been impacted by heavy flood waters.

Ferrell says he has reached out to the developer and to the city to help fix the problem. He says he and his neighbors are worried about what could happen as more rain rolls in through the weekend and the rest of the summer.

“What we saw just from the rain we had last night, you know, the water was coming into our yard,” said Ferrell. “I can imagine a full-blown hurricane coming in.”

According to officials, the heavy rain in Southport Friday caused a sewer to overflow near the 9th and Burlington Avenue intersection. More than 10,000 gallons of untreated wastewater spilled out, most of it into Cottage Creek.

Officials say the spillage stopped around 1:00 p.m. Friday.

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