WPD officers recognized for life saving efforts at awards ceremony

Updated: May. 11, 2021 at 11:52 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Wilmington Police Department recognized its officers today in a special awards ceremony held at the Wilmington Convention Center.

A number of officers were recognized for their efforts during the Kidder Street mass shooting that left three dead and four others injured five weeks ago.

Officer Darryl Warren, only weeks out of field training, arrived at the Kidder Street scene April 4th with other officers and found chaos.

“There were multiple people that were hit with gunfire. There were people screaming, yelling,” Warren said.

Warren and fellow officer Stephen Mauch did not waste any time.

“By the time I got there, Officer Mauch had already began triaging some victims and Officer Warren was tending to the female that we saw today up on stage,” said Corporal Troy Herman. “They both didn’t need much direction from me, they were very efficient at what they were doing and very professional.”

The woman Officer Warren was tending to is Zy’keria Crawford. More than five weeks after nearly dying in the Kidder St. shooting, Crawford said thank you Tuesday to Warren and others. She, along with her family and friends, helped present awards to Warren, Mauch and Herman who were all at the scene.

Warren even drove Crawford to the hospital once it was determined that Crawford’s gunshot wound needed immediate medical attention.

“These officers were able to scoop up, put in their own patrol car, and take to the hospital because they recognized the severity and didn’t want to wait for an ambulance,” said Captain Mat Ingram. “It says a lot on behalf of the officers and it says even more about those citizens that want to come forward and say thank you, we recognize you and we appreciate you and we love you and we want you in our neighborhoods.”

Officer Warren said it was touching having Crawford there as well as her friends and family.

“As much as some people may not like the police right now and the criticism we’re facing — knowing that there are people that realize that we do care and that we’re not out here just to arrest people or hurt people — we actually care about the communities we serve,” Officer Warren said. “And to get that back and to see the emotion in her face and her friends and her grandmother and, you know, the people that were with her — that showed that they truly appreciated what we did that night for them.”

Warren’s heroic effort was one of many recognized on Tuesday. Around 70 awards were given out .

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