Get Fit with 6 May challenge: strengthen your core in time for Summer

Updated: May. 4, 2021 at 5:00 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Swimsuit season is just around the corner. Now is a great time to strengthen your core. The Get Fit with 6 May challenge focuses on exercises to do just that.

Amy Stewart, personal trainer and owner Back to Basics mapped out three core related exercises.

Well the core is so important to strengthen your lower back, it strengthens a lot of things just with holding yourself , just keeping your stronger all around.

“The core is a very important part of your body that people do’t realize. The core helps with balance and overall strength, “ said Amy Stewart, personal trainer/owner Back to Basics.

Straight Arm Planks

- hands are about shoulder width apart, straight no bending those elbows

- legs back, inline with your hands, keep glutes down and core nice and tight

- keep head up, if it’s uncomfortable, bring head back down to the center

- try and hold that for the first day for thirty seconds then it will increase each day throughout the month

“You really want to concentrate on squeezing your glutes. Squeeze those nice and tight so everything else stays nice and tight, “ said Stewart

Dead Bugs

- lying on your back, your feet are in a 90 degree position, your arms are straight up towards the ceiling

- take your left leg, extend it all the way out towards the floor, keeping your lower back tight against the floor. Do no touch the floor.

- alternate your legs

- flex your feet to make it a little harder


- lying on your back

- hands behind our head

- lift your legs back up like table top

- extend one leg out touch opposite elbow to the knee

- then your going to switch the legs and elbows

- as you become stronger you can go a little faster

- don’t pull on your head. It’s more of a twisting motion. Let your abs and your core do the work for you.

“Bicycles are going to work a little bit more of the sides of your abdominal area, helping get rid of those love handles. You will also have to alter your diet to make them go away,” said Stewart.

There are some burpees, jump squats and push-ups peppered in on the weekend.

Here’s the scheduled:

Get Fit with 6 May Challenge exercise schedule
Get Fit with 6 May Challenge exercise schedule(Source: WECT)

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