Growth of Crafted Maker’s Market nod to expansion of Cargo District in Wilmington

Growth of Crafted Maker’s Market nod to expansion of Cargo District in Wilmington
Growth of Crafted Maker's Market nod to expansion of Cargo District (Source: WECT News)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Crafted Maker’s Market in the Cargo District happens once every month, bringing together local vendors and makers who all bring something unique to the table.

Thirty-five makers participated on Sunday, one of the bigger markets to date.

“This one was definitely a lot bigger than the ones we have had in the past,” said Rachael Kinsey who helps organize the market. “With the expansion of the Cargo District and the partnerships that we’ve had we’ve been able to expand so much so I’m excited to see kind of what they bring in.”

Proceeds from the Crafted Maker’s Market benefit a different organization each month. This month the market will benefit Feast Down East and the North Side Food Co-op.

Kinsey just opened up her own physical storefront in the Cargo District called Crafted Outpost. It features 19 makers who also have a focus on sustainability. Kinsey herself creates jewelry and naturally-dyed clothing.

The Crafted Outpost collaborates with Auggie and Zo and The Plant Outpost to curate the Maker’s Market.

Kristen Mooney, who shares Carolina Beach Fossils with her brother, looks forward to the event each month.

“We’ve just started getting a lot more participation in this particular area and we’re going to have more businesses joining the cargo district,” Mooney said.

Half United, a jewelry and accessories line that uses recycled bullet casings to fight hunger, has a storefront in the Cargo District. They are excited for more neighbors.

“It’s really become a thriving community we have a bunch of new neighbors who are moving in next door,” said Catherine Armstrong, the marketing manager for Half United.” A lot of businesses that are people who are super passionate about something and they’ve decided to open up another business around it so we’re excited to be welcoming more people to the community.”

Kinsey said 12 more cargo crates are being added to bring in more businesses.

“The idea of these smaller businesses and makers coming in and the collective energy of all us creating is so powerful,” Kinsey said.

Kinsey said the rent for the storefronts in the Cargo District is also more affordable, making it more accessible for those who want to start a small business.

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