N.C. Fire Marshal’s office weighs in on NHC involvement in Carolina Beach

State fire marshal's office responds to Carolina Beach condo fire situation

CAROLINA BEACH N.C. (WECT) - New developments Thursday in the ongoing debate between the Town of Carolina Beach and New Hanover County after inspectors from New Hanover County took to Carolina Beach at the behest of County Chairwoman Julia Olson-Boseman.

Chief of the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Brian Taylor emailed WECT a statement today saying he got a call from Carolina Beach Fire Chief Alan Griffin after Griffin first learned the county was coming down to do their own inspections at the fire scene — something the Fire Marshal says isn’t allowed unless the town asks for their involvement.

We know the town did NOT request the county’s involvement. In fact, Griffin says he was advised not to be on-site with the county’s teams to avoid the appearance that they were working together.

Instead, he says the county got involved because County Chairwoman Julia Olson Boseman directed county staff to go to Paradise Cove.

Taylor says he intended to contact New Hanover County officials to advise them but after speaking with his staff, he found all the county code officials had left the town and did not perform any inspections.

However, Carolina Beach’s Building Inspector Darrel Johnson says the crew of county inspectors told him they planned on knocking on doors and asking residents if they could inspect their units for any discrepancies — something that Taylor says is outside of the county’s scope and jurisdiction.

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