CFCC, Habitat for Humanity build playhouses for local children in need

Playhouse Project helps local children in need

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Carpentry and construction management technology students from Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) have recently partnered with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity to build playhouses for the organization’s Playhouse Project.

The Playhouse Project is designed to bring together groups of skilled individuals to create playhouses for local children in need while addressing the issue of affordable housing.

“Students building these playhouses are not only improving their skills, they are also impacting lives of children and families in our community. I am sure each of the students involved will never forget this project,” said Jim Morton, CFCC president. “This is an ideal partnership.”

The CFCC students will pre-build playhouses in preparation for Habitat for Humanity’s one-day event where sponsors will provide teams to complete construction and decorate the playhouses.

“We are thrilled with CFCC’s willingness to partner with us on this project,” said Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Lauren McKenzie. “Cape Fear Habitat is committed to building a better future for the children we serve, and this project is a way to serve even more children in our community. Every child deserves their own safe place to play and use their imagination. I cannot wait to see the look of joy on their faces when they are gifted their very own playhouse.”

Click here for details of the upcoming Playhouse Project event.

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