NHC Senior Resource Center will welcome seniors back Monday

NHC Senior Center will welcome seniors back on Monday

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - For more than a year, the New Hanover County Senior Resource Center has been off-limits, because of COVID-19, but that’s all about to change on Monday morning.

For the more than 6000 people who use the services here, it’s big news that the Senior Resource Center (SRC) is open again and they can finally benefit from the pre-pandemic renovations that cost $1.8 million.

SRC director Amber Smith said there is a daily schedule posted for each and every room that includes reminders about crowd control and social distancing.

“We are still going to be maintaining that social distancing,” said Smith. “We are still going to require masks for safety. Probably the number one question is ‘if I’ve been fully vaccinated, do I still have to wear a mask?’ The answer is ‘yes.’”

Extra sanitizing options include touchless entries to the bathrooms.

The programs will still operate at 50% capacity for now and pre-registration is required for all programs and classes. That includes calling ahead for lunch.

Class and Activity reservations can be made through the online Client Portal, at the lobby sign-in kiosk, or by phone by calling 910-798-6450.

Another change is that there will be two meal times now, instead of one, because of the dining room’s reduced capacity.

“As a result, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of people that have been utlizing that service,” said Smith. “Whereas before, we’d serve a little over 100 people a day with in-person dining; now, we’re serving more than 300 people with our drive-thru location.”

For now, drive-thru meals will continue. According to Smith, promoting food and fellowship is a big part of the function of the SRC.

“A large part of what we do is that social connection, that social interaction, just having that contact with individuals being able to have a face to face conversation.”

Find out more about the New Hanover County SRC on the website here: src.nhcgov.com

Click here for more information on the upcoming opening. The Castle Hayne SRC will also re-open a week later.

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