Azalea Queen Victoria Huggins to be crowned Wednesday

There won’t be large crowds but the queen says thanks to the pandemic she’ll reach more people
Updated: Apr. 7, 2021 at 5:00 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The North Carolina Azalea Festival, like many events, had to be canceled last year because of the pandemic.

The coronation ceremony for Queen Azalea Victoria Huggins takes place this morning. Even though there won’t be large crowds, the queen will still be able to reach a lot of people. The board added a diversity and inclusion committee.

“They have committed that a certain percentage of my 74 waves are going to be focused on communities and areas of Wilmington that may have not experienced the festival before or maybe they weren’t able to so I’m really excited about going to those communities and being able to share my heart with them and hopefully they’ll be able to get hooked on the festival and feel included and special and safe,” said Victoria Huggins, N.C. Azalea Festival Queen.

The pandemic taught everyone how to work from home and how to keep children in school with remote learning. Another example of how Huggins can reach more people.

“I will be able to virtually read to an entire school where as normally you know the queen azalea would go into one classroom or maybe one area of the gym now I get to read to the entire school and possibly multiple schools so the opportunity has expanded for me to be able to reach even more people than I normally would have.”

The Azalea Festival committee had to think outside the box to put on events so there are several virtual events and several will stretch out through August.

“I get to be to be the longest queen azalea ever because I get to keep coming back to Wilmington so as people continue to get healthier as they continue to get vaccinated we’re going to open up some of the most beloved traditions of the festival later in the year,” said Huggins.

The parade, street fair and concerts will be held in July and August.

For the queen’s 74 waves coronation stops you can follow along on the Azalea Festival social media pages.

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