COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Teacher hopes to help students become investigators

Teacher seeks funding for educational kits and games

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A first-grade teacher at Malpass Corner Elementary School is hoping to teach her students how to conduct investigations by providing them with educational tools.

Ms. Womble is asking for educational kits and games through the Donors Choose website, an online charity that helps teachers get funding for school projects.

“This project aims to bring science to life in my first-grade classroom by giving students opportunities for hands-on exploration, discovery, design, inquiry, and investigation into key scientific concepts that are the building blocks for future learning across a wide variety of scientific fields, Womble says on her Donors Choose page. “This idea flows from the 3-dimensional learning model for the Next Generation Science Standards. Too often, science, a subject young children naturally enjoy, is relegated to a few brief content-centered lessons, worksheets, and occasional demonstrations. I believe this is unacceptable and want to give my students the opportunity to satisfy their natural curiosity about the world around them while they build a basic body of scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills.”

Ms. Womble needs about $400 in donations for her project. Once she is fully funded, Donors Choose will purchase the educational games and deliver them to the school.

If you would like to make a donation to Ms. Womble’s project, click here.

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