COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Teacher wants to “Pump Up the Volume”

Teacher seeks funding for headphones for 3rd grade students

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - Stephanie Sellers has 22 students she describes as unique third graders. The teacher at Williams Township near Whiteville says it’s her mission to make school engaging for them.

“They are a lively group of third graders, full of imagination, and ready to soar to new heights,” Sellers says.

Sellers is hoping to get headphones for her students to go with their Chromebooks. She needs $1,051 to purchase the sets so she’s asking for donations through the Donors Choose website, an online charity that helps teachers get funding for school projects.

The name of her project is “Pump Up the Volume.”

“The 3rd graders I teach face many challenges outside the classroom and I want to provide them tools that will help them succeed academically and socially in the classroom environment,” she says on her Donors Choose page. “With the COVID age we have been very fortunate to finally have a 1:1 ratio of Chromebooks for the students. However, without headphones and mice, students are limited to content they can access and create daily in the class.”

If Ms. Sellers is able to reach her goal, Donors Choose will purchase the items and deliver them to the school. Her project has to be fully funded for that to happen.

If you would like to donate to her project,” click here.

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