Chadbourn residents concerned for safety after police chief put on administrative leave

Chadbourn residents concerned for safety after police chief put on administrative leave

CHADBOURN, N.C. (WECT) - Residents are concerned for their safety and lack trust in the Chadbourn Police Department after Chief Anthony Spivey was placed on administrative leave amid misconduct allegations within the department.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations is investigating these allegations and Interim Town Manager Jerome Chestnut says the town is reviewing Spivey’s performance.

District Attorney Jon David told WECT on Wednesday that he requested an SBI investigation over concerning claims involving Spivey. David also suggested Spivey be suspended.

“I’m just glad that somebody is doing something because I don’t feel safe with so much [of a] mess going on,” said Nadine Bellamy, a Chadbourn resident.

Bellamy says her concern stems from the fact that Chadbourn has had three different police chiefs since 2017. Spivey took over in 2018 after his predecessor, Rene Trevino, was fired after less than three weeks on the job.

“It’s mind-blowing to know they had three different chiefs,” Bellamy said. “It’s just a shame what’s going on in the town of Chadbourn with the police now.”

While some residents did say they felt safe, even with the police department lacking a chief for the time being, those who have lived in Chadbourn for a long time have noticed changes in the way they interact with police.

“I felt a lot safer back in the day,” said resident James Smith. “I used to know about every police, but now — I have no idea who the police personnel are.”

Town officials declined to comment on the investigation and on the comments made by these residents. Interim Town Manager Jerome Chestnut told WECT yesterday that residents will not experience a disruption in police services despite Spivey’s suspension.

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