Non-profit creates adventure opportunities for people with physical disabilities

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Access of Wilmington is an organization giving people with physical disabilities a chance at being independent with a program called Accessible Adventures.

The program uses terrain hoppers, a four-wheel drive battery powered mobility device. It is controlled with a joystick and works in the same manner of a power wheelchair.

These devices give people with physical disabilities the opportunity to go places they normally wouldn’t be able to go on their own, like the beach or on a hike.

“For me it was life changing and put me in a position that I never had been since losing my leg,” says Andrea Daniels, a Wilmington resident.

They have two terrain hoppers here in Wilmington and they are available for anyone in the surrounding areas to use. Sam Wang with Access of Wilmington says they have had people from Charlotte, Winston-Salem and South Carolina take advantage of the program.

“We can ride and it makes us feel like we are regular people again and have no handicaps because someone else is on a quad next to us or down the beach or in the ocean, or in the water, the woods or whatever,” said Daniels.

Wang says helping those get back a sense of normalcy many of us take for granted is a feeling she never could have imagined.

“You take for granted being able to take a walk on the beach with friends or family or go for a hike and for these people it’s not possible for them. So being able to be the one that provides that for them and seeing the joys and smiles like it makes me want to cry every single time,” said Wang.

For more information on how you can sign up you can email them at INFO@ACCESSILM.ORG or visit their website.

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