Non-profit pharmacy distributes free medicines

NC Med Assist held free pharmacy event in Brunswick County Friday

Navassa, N.C. (WECT) - NC MedAssist held a drive-thru pharmacy event in the town of Navassa Friday to provide free over-the-counter medicines for any individuals and families in need. Wilmington Health and Humana sponsored the event.

“These items can get really expensive and especially when people have had loss of jobs, loss of income and things like that,” said NC MedAssist Senior Development Director Misty Moore. “When you’re going to the grocery store, you’re not thinking about your over-the-counter medicine items, you’re not thinking about your children’s medicines or things like that; but, we wanna make sure we stay in front of people’s health and this is just a way for them to do so.”

The event was drive-through only and drivers had to remain inside their cars while volunteers retrieved their medicine. This was done in order to comply with local recommended guidelines.

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